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About This File

Populating empty wardrobes has never been easier. This Marionette will add a clothes rail, complete with coat hangers and even some garments, to your wardrobe. 



  • Clothes Rail is placed at correct distance from top of shelf space
  • Choose from a variety of rail types and rails supports (HETTICH)
  • Coat hangers can be placed (with custom spacing) - option
  • Random rotation of coat hangers - option
  • Random deviation from set spacing - option
  • Random garments can be placed - option
  • Show shelf cage - option
  • Supports copying and pasting between documents
  • Automatic filtering for garments that are too long for the given space
  • "Reset on Move" is OFF
  • Integrates with interiorcad cabinets and can be configured from within. Will resize with parent box.


Known Issues:


  • Garment lift height filtering is not currently possible as popup menus cannot receive dynamic content. Don't use a garment lift in a cabinet that cannot accommodate it. Kinda makes sense.


Some notes on how to use this Marionette:

All symbols and miscellaneous geometry is contained within the Control Geometry of this Marionette. The clothes included are courtesy of archive3d.net and free to use in commercial or personal work. If you want to put this Marionette to good use, I recommend you purchase some proper high-quality CGI content from the usual sources on the web and replace the ones I have included. (The textures also need some love.)

To replace the garments, right-click the Marionette and choose "Edit Control Geometry". Find the group with the garments. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES UNGROUP ANYTHING. Enter the group with the garments. In there, you will find all the clothes symbols. Start replacing at your heart's content. You're safe to do so as long as you stay within the group.



What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


The coat hanger symbol that was included in the Control Geometry node had started to send VWX into an infinite loop for some reason. I have replaced it with a different one. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

OMG so cool!!  Your interiorcad users will absolutely love this plugin for sure!  I'd like to see the clothes with the new Cloth shader and the metal bits with the new Metallic options.  :-)

Edited by Dave Donley
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Dear  Stephan Moenninghoff,


I really appreciate that you shrare that file (and others),  probalbly generated for Interior Cad. Big respect towards your capacitites and fantasies of thinking in marionette terms!

Friendly regards

Bernd Lützelberger


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Another great Example, that shows, how potent the Integration of Marionette Objects is,  to customize (Nothing other that will be the logical result of Industry 4.0) core features.

I would like to see that Feature for windows and other core plugins!

Sure,  VW Inc. had to optimize some details to get a good enough marionette-quality (duplication of PIOs takes too much time) for integration capability in core PIOs


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Hi Stephan, 


I've tested this marionette and it's really nice!


But i got the following issue:

I've added the marionette and it's resources to our library. When trying to place it in a cabinet in a new file I can't reach our library document from the objects panel:

The resource manager in the object panel doesn't show up our workgroup Libraries.




Here is the exact location of the marionette in our resource manager:



Kind regards,




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This may not be supported. I'd file a bug (with extragroup). It makes sense to have that feature. 

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Hi Stephan,

This clothes rail works really good.

If been trying to understand how the script works, to make it simpler for my drawings.

For instance, I do not use the  Hettich objects and would like to remove them.


So I figured out that there must be stuff in the containers, but how can I acces them?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
23 hours ago, BroncoCAD said:

@Stephan Moenninghoff Hi Stephan, is there a chance to get the file for the 2020 Version? it would be great. thx. greetz

I had to chase a bug which would send VWX into an infinite loop when coat hangers were turned on. It turned out to be the coat hanger symbol itself. I have replaced it with a new one. it is working now. Enjoy!

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Hello Stephan


This file is awesome! I have inserted the object and everything works fine.


Now I wondered if I could make a handle profile for the front.

(I inserted the processing as a handle. I am aware that this leads to an incorrect parts list.)

For me, the profile of Häfele would be art. 126.27.904 important. The profile is available as a 2.5m rod.

I want to extrude a symbol cross-section and adjust the front width as a path using the start and end points.


Can you tell me how to get the start and end point?


Thank you for your feedback.


I wish you a nice day.






Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-12 um 14.38.06.png

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-12 um 14.38.45.png

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-12 um 14.41.12.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@SimA you need to define your rail within a box that has the dimensions of the cabinet box. Then, link the box width, depth and height to the cabinet's box width depth and height and you're good to go. 

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