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Vectorworks Landmark Certification


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Vectorworks Landmark offers a suite of tools and commands created to aid the design and development of projects using object-based parametric modelling processes. This course walks the customer through the tools and commands that help with a concept model and development, leading to a more detailed design oriented toward a data-rich environment and publishing reports and construction documentation. While the Vectorworks Landmark tools can add efficiencies to your workflows, they also are a crucial step in the move to BIM. The student will leave this course with an in-depth knowledge of the applicable Vectorworks Landmark tools and commands. And have brief exercises to get them started toward effective design practices.

This is a live online course that will be administered via Zoom in four sessions, each approximately two and half hours long in duration. The course sequence (shown below) outlines the focus of each session. To ensure that you have the most effective, efficient, and enjoyable learning experience possible, we invite you to adopt the following protocols.

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