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  2. Landscape Wall is definitely a Legacy tool as it's found in the Legacy section of Workspace Editor. What is strange is that it remains an option under 'Create Objects from Shapes...' I could find no info on the tool online whatsoever. One assumes it was replaced by the 'Create Retaining Wall Site Modifier Command...' for Walls. Is the crux of the matter for you that 1) you want to create battered walls, which is a function of Landscape Walls but not Walls or Round Walls + 2) that when you apply a Retaining Wall Site Modifier to a series of Round Walls you get this kind of thing happening: whereas with Landscape Walls the modifiers are far better behaved? Someone like @Tamsin Slatter or @jeff prince will I'm sure be able to offer some advice on all this if you make it clear exactly what you're trying to achieve (the end result) + what's happening instead
  3. +1 to have the Titleblock do this automatically, even for the numerical scale part of the titleblock. I wrote a script that automatically fills in scale info from viewports at time of publishing. In instances where we have you multiple viewports with different scales on the same sheet, you preset what you want the script behavior to be (largest scale/smallest scale of collected viewports on sheet, or concatenate scales, or display 'as shown'). It makes sense that a functionality should be added into the titleblock object, as it is such a pain publishing your 100 page set, then realising scales were not set correctly. (That's what happened to us, and that's why the script was written 😁)
  4. The file link still works, at least for me? If not let me know.
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  6. michaelk

    Naming Lights

    None of your screen shots worked, so we'll have to guess at a few things. 🙂 Not sure if you are talking about Spotlight Lighting Devices, Light Objects, or Heliodons. 1. Spotlight Lighting Devices are named by instrument type (followed by .NNA) as soon as they are inserted. The second one will append a -2, then a -3, etc. UNTIL the fixture is given some data in the Purpose or Channel fields. Then the name changes to Channel [Space] Purpose [Space] Instrument Type and the -# is dropped. If you have two fixtures with the exact same channel, purpose, and instrument type then it starts over with the -2, etc. The Name field at the bottom of the OIP will be blank. You can type whatever you want in there, and it usually ignores it. 2. Regular old Light Objects can be named in the OIP right in the Name field at the bottom. You can right click on the light in the Vis Palette and change the name there. It WILL show up in the OIP name field. But, as you noticed, the next time you right click and edit from the Vis Palette the name is blank, even though the name appears in the Vis Palette and the OIP. Changing again in the Properties edit box will change both other locations. I suspect you've found a bug. Until it gets resovled, you might try Vis Palette > right click / Select On Document and edit the name normally in the OIP. 3. Heliodon objects get a default name of Location [Space] Day [Space] Time. Just like Lighting Devices, you can change the name to whatever amuses you and it will ignore it.
  7. I have 32 GB of RAM and I currently have 8 swapfiles! 🙂
  8. @Chris Kaiser Neither the Plant Catalog nor the Filemaker Pro Plant Database contain preinstalled photos for every plant, it's up to the user to populate the database. You are using "Plant Catalog" as your database source. Personally, I prefer using the "Plant Database" option as my database source. The only reason one would use either of these methods is to organized plant data and images, it really has no significance in making planting plans in the grand scheme of things. Seeing as images stored in a "Plant Catalog" can only be accessed in Vectorworks and lack key functionality for producing plant book, cut sheets, or simply retrieving nice images for use outside the Vwx universe..... Using Plant Catalogs is fool's errand, at least IMHO. Data like this should be kept so it can be accessed outside of Vectorworks for a variety or reasons... especially when you consider one day you may no longer use Vectorworks... but you will probably want access to all that plant data and imagery until you are old and grey... or significantly more-so than currently 🙂 More discussion here....
  9. Is doing that still recommended even if I have lots of RAM?...
  10. Thanks, I didn't know the three dot trick. While this works, I am hoping to incorporate this is into a script that will enforce the precision standard and add to an existing script that update worksheets, custom PIO's, etc. Is there a way to get the field name of the parameter I am looking to change.
  11. Most photo and illustration software have a single keyboard shortcut to toggle guides on and off. Vectorworks has two separate menu items with two separate shortcuts. Is there a way to map guides on and off to a single keyboard shortcut? Thanks, Matthew
  12. Most photo and illustration software have a single keyboard shortcut to toggle guides on and off. Vectorworks has two separate menu items with two separate shortcuts. Is there a way to map guides on and off to a single keyboard shortcut? Thanks, Matthew
  13. One thing I've found helpful to monitor the state of my computer when running VW: In Finder create a favorite folder in the sidebar that links to /private/var/vm [Never touch anything in this folder. Just watch it]. VM probably stands for virtual memory. When you first start your computer this file will contain sleepimage and swapfile0. As your computer needs more RAM than it has, it swaps files from RAM to the hard drive in these swapfiles to free up space in RAM. In the OS I'm using each swapfile is 1 GB. Other versions used different sizes. Check how many swapfiles you have when your computer is running well and how many you have when it gets laggy. If you just leave that window open on another screen you can watch the files get created, and sometimes catch them getting deleted. Back in the old days, I used to restart VW when I got above swapfile12. I almost never see that many swapfiles in recent years.
  14. Same problem. Grouped or ungrouped. Baffling.
  15. @JMR Are you able to repost the file?
  16. Thanks Pat. It still does really weird things to groups or multiple selections. Like decide to throw one object far away from the others. Utterly bizarre.
  17. @Kevin Allen ....and she/he didn't even thank you! :-(
  18. Have you tried the third mode of the Selection Tool? The Unrestricted Interactive Scaling Mode? It lets you scale multiple objects at the same time. It does not meet all of your requests, but it comes fairly close.
  19. Yesterday
  20. I am once again asking about the resize tool. This is the most awful, useless thing since the invention of square wheels. All I want to do is select an object or several objects or a group, and scale proportionally in simple, logical fashion. I want to be able to just grab the tool and do it on the fly. I don't want to have to go into a sub-menu and then carefully jump through several button clicks to do it either if I don't need that precision. Just grab it by corner or side handle, Scale (holding SHIFT to ensure that everything in the selection stays exactly proportional unless I want it loose), Bam! Done. Next. Trying to use it honestly makes me want to throw my computer across the room. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it work.
  21. The easiest way is Custom Modification under the Tools menu. For the criteria choose Type is Dimension and click OK. From the dialog box that opens, scroll down and set the Dim Precision to what you want. If you need to change the secondary precision, click the radio button for secondary. If the dialog box goes blank, just hit the button with the three dots at the top to bring everything back.
  22. Glad VW is behaving today. Sometimes you just need to let it know that you are calling out the "big guns" to make it behave ;-)
  23. You'll want to use https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:FindObjAtPt_Create and the associated calls. If you're looking for object detection at a certain point, that's a lot easier than detecting true overlap between objects (which would require building the list of objects with this call and then checking the bounding boxes of all objects). Remember, unless you're just looking for the overlap with a custom insertion tool, you need to translate between the PIO's internal coordinates and the external world.
  24. I'm seeing similar issues as well. I believe (by design) the Grid Lines should reset after reshaping the crop, but the other settings should not. Bug submitted: VB-177237
  25. So from what I can tell the Landscape Wall (Retaining Wall) is a legacy function...Not sure. But if you don't have your wall segments joined then you get an error message when you go to create the wall modifier. I'm convinced there is a way to do it. I just haven't figured it out yet. Like with so much software you'd think it would be intuitive. I think I will try an extrude. Maybe if I complain about it enough the Jedi Knight of Vectorworks will show me the way? I have a training coming up so I'm sure it will be solved then. But now I'm a dog after a bone.
  26. As I have Vw Architect (not Landmark), I don’t have access to the Retaining Wall function so I may be way off base — but according to the Vw 2021 User Help file page on Creating Retaining Walls you can use Round Walls as the basis for creating Retaining Wall site modifiers. And according to that help file page, as the Site Wall modifiers are not associated with the Wall object used to create it, so after creating the Retaining Wall Site Modifiers you could delete the Wall object and create your own 2D/3D geometry for ‘landscape walls’ exactly as you like. Just a thought.
  27. I have been racking my brains, looking all over the web, community forums, and VW U with no luck on creating a curving retaining wall that's one piece. Retaining walls are essential elements for all landscape designers and there should be a very slick tool that accomplishes it quickly and efficiently. I would also be pretty cool if you could incorporate the site modifier right into it. The walls I see out there are ok but they look like foundation walls not landscape walls. If such a tool and methods exist please publish something specifically about it. If it exists please share.
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