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  2. Agreed just to be able to insert a window with a sill in the position that has been specified in the parametric box would be acceptable to start with, surely that is not too much to ask after all these years of trying.
  3. Trying to create a multi-circuit symbol. Working on Vectorworks 2020. I have created lighting symbols for the individual cells. They all have a z height of 0. I then add 2 3D loci also with a height of zero at where the clamps would have attached onto the pipe. So with the 6 objects selected, i.e. 4 individual cells + 2 3D loci, I proceed to create symbol. Thereafter, adding a light info record to this newly created symbol, I manage to insert the multi circuit symbol. However, examining the positions of the clamps, it seems they are not in the right position. Is there a solution to rectify this, or is this a bug? Gabriel Multi Circuit fixture.vwx
  4. I had something similar with Landmark with regard to georeferencing, it took a few years but things wished for got fixed and use of the EPSG catalog got implemented. Also because there was a practical use benefit for every user using georeferencing. With the door/window tool my guess is that it is more intended as a "prop" to indicate a generic door/window style and its dimensions and not an actual door as it is going to be installed. It would be difficult to make a use case for the latter as it probably could be done better by the door/window manufacturers. That doesn't mean the odd things that don't make sense shouldn't be fixed but it does mean it will always be a generic tool because otherwise there are way too many variables. So I'd for now rather see it updated by fixing the odd things that are clearly wrong/don't make sense so that it at least looks right and then have access to the local door/window tools that adhere to local standards at a reasonable cost for the more detailed views. As some user on this forum used to call it, you don't want to design McMansions after all (i.e. thirteen in a dozen designs) Why VW is so reluctant to let us know what the issue is is a mystery to me as well.
  5. I've got the impression that the employees from Vectorworks whom read the forums requests, either don't report the submitted requests or if they do they get lost inside Vectorworks, it's outrageous to see requests from 2007 not taken into account !!! That's an awesome idea!!! or maybe we can ask the German or French distributor to make the plugins for sale in English!
  6. But we all do pay! our annual VSS. And surely it is better if tools are within the main code rather than a plugin, it really should not be beyond the vectorworks team to get hold of the problem and solve it even if it means buying in the expertise to do it. If they would only come out and say they are not up to it (or say anything on the subject at all) then crowdfunding would be a great idea, anything as long as it gets sorted!!
  7. Hi Preston You will find the safer sidearms in the city theatrical library.
  8. Whatever the reason, it seems clear VW don't want to discuss the window and door tools, why they are not maintained and why we aren't allowed access to the distributor-specific versions that ave been developed. Can we crowdfund getting some third party ones written? I reckon a lot of people would be willing to pay for them, if they were decent. And developed in close consultation with real world users. I would pay.
  9. I assume you that you mean the revision number change after making a change in the drawing only happens after saving a changed drawing, closing it and then re-opening to make a change would only then increase the change number. I.e. as long as the drawing file remains open any further modifications do not change the number after saving until it gets closed and re-opened. Otherwise a 2 digit number will not be sufficient, a 3- or 4-digit number might then be more appropriate. What I normally do is create a copy in a new folder everytime a new update revision to the main drawing is being made and whenever major changes are being made to the main or sub-drawings so that I will always have the previous version to go back to. Though this also comes from having to deal with lots of changes from day to day or sometimes even during the day and then after a bunch of changes it gets decided to revert back to some previous intermediate version and then start anew with updating based on that version. Let's say it can get messy revision wise ūüôā and an autonumbering system will have trouble with this unless you can manually change the sub revision number to keep a continuous numbering for the revision changes albeit with the consequence that visual/progress linearity will be broken. It could work nicely once you are past the conceptual development stage when most of the issues/things have been fleshed out. So yes it would be useful to have, not just for BIM.
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  11. Art V

    Datum point

    As more or less indicated above, the same applies to separate symbols for indicating elevation etc. as with the stake tool, unless you put the field reading the elevation into the object itself and have it displayed. 3D constraints that could be used to link the stake tool/symbol to its associated object are unfortunately not available. 2D constraint is something you could try to see if it would work. While writing this, maybe you could try grouping the floor and the stake tool object to see what happens if you move the group and if it doesn't interfere too much with other functionality you may need. E.g. volume calculation could be affected if you group a floor or slab with the stake tool because a floor/slab that is part of a group with a different object might get omitted. I never grouped such objects with stake tool so don't know for sure if and/or how it will affect things like this
  12. Art V

    Datum point

    There could be a solution for that depending on what the stake tool is supposed to give the elevation of, e.g. ground or a slab. In the latter case you could tie the stake tool to the slab object with a 3D constraint (not sure a 2D constraint would work, as I never tried that). The problem is that VW does not (yet?) support 3D constraints. The alternative is to use a symbol for the objects that has a field holding the 3D data, then it would would automatically update the elevation. Otherwise you will need to move the stake object along with the part that you are changing the elevation of, i.e. move the slab and associated stake tool simultaneously if possible. With e.g. indicating a ground level with the stake tool you can't do this and will have to move the stake tool to the proper position/elevation after adjusting the ground level.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I will look into this and let you know in here when there is progress.
  14. Hello @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, Yes - It does this always, not only the first time. Okay. Tested again: The initial one takes about 4-5s, and the others about 3-4. And also when switching from Category "User-Defined" to "<All>". If there is a cache after the first run, and I assume you do not reload the whole file when a category is changed, maybe it's the propagation of the "Make/Model" list? Best regards Matthias
  15. 2 comments / bits of info: 1) The record attached to the bumper in the demo file was an old version, one in which the different dimensions were held in "number" fields. When switching back-and-forth between Metric and Imperial (or, using Symbols created using the other unit convention), VW got confused and tried calling Metric dimensions "Imperial." The new Record format changed those fields to "Text" to fix this sort of issue. 2) When using these fields, the units marker must be included so VW knows what the number means when translating it from text. The dimensions can use whatever length units are desired - as long as the unit marker is included. This will allow, for example, "Metric" Symbols to be used in "Imperial" files. See attached. Same bumper in each array, one defined using Metric dimensions and the other, Imperial. Audio_Units.vwx
  16. Dropbox link above @rb-arch, I do see this in your video, but I cannot reproduce it in a file. Can you send me a Vectorworks file that has this issue?
  17. Hello @Dylan, The Drawing Labels were improved in VW 2021 and now they have better customization, similar to Data Tags. Anyway, if you do not have VW2021 yet, in VW 2020 you can get the drawing number and title in the Data Tag from the General Function Data Source in the Define Tag Field dialog. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  18. Hello @BGD, You can set your first text to be Right aligned, but then it will not be aligned with the texts below it. I do not know if there is any other way to get what you are looking for. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  19. @Pat Stanford, thanks for expanding on that. That's absolutely clear for me. I just didn't understand if I had been doing something in an odd way when you mentioned "the way I do it". Using the worksheet to do the maths was my goal from the outset. I just hadn't realised things like using the formula in the column header. I suppose this is because the rows are divided into sub-rows within the DB. What I wanted to do initially was to type in a detailed breakdown of the cost per plant in the last couple of columns. However, I realised that I probably couldn't just type random information in the DB cells (subrows), unless associated with some function or record. Glad I managed to do it with your great help and direction. I just wished it didn't take so much time to review all the landscape areas to enable the spreadsheet/ schedule pick up the Price record from styles. Fortunately, the project is not enormous. Many thanks again.
  20. BGD

    Data Tag

    Hi, I am trying to create a data tag with various dynamic text > User entered field (Enter text 1, N#, Enter text 2, Enter text 3). Now, since these text can be of variable length, the text that goes for N# is getting overlapped with text in Enter text 1. Is there a way that I can have variable length text for Enter text 1 and N# text follows it? In the e.g. shown - "1" is coming in between the "Planting bed - Raised". I want "1" to be following the "Planting bed - Raised" Thanks for your help
  21. I can understand your problem. I am having a similar problem creating and importing my own furniture. The problem is that the size of the file is often just too large or doesn't work. Sketch up files are sometimes good, but you can also have something which is too detailed and too big. I find that importing them to a new separate drawing ist best and then making symbols helps speed up the process..Also try to delete every unnecessary fixture of the furniture which isn't going to visual, before you create the symbol. This reduces the size as well.
  22. BIM standard ISO 19650 has this great concept of revision management for internal work in progress changes, helping you manage your work-in-progress and avoid losing information during its development. This system is intended for any kind of 'information container' (file), be it a model file, a drawing, programme, whatever, but you can also treat VW Sheets as information containers, even if you don't export them to files. These WIP revisions are denominated with a two-number suffix. So you start off with P1.01, make a change P1.02, make another change P1.03 and so on. Then when you're ready to issue the changes to the wider team it gets shared as revision P1. Nobody except your internal team can see the work-in-progress revisions. What would be nice in Vectorworks, for Sheets, is the ability to record these internal work in progress revisions in the Title Block Border revisions, but to be able to control visibility so that they're only seen by the internal team. So some sort of parallel list of WIP revisions, that can be switched on or off while viewing the Sheet (on by default) and also at a higher level when using the Publish or Export commands (off by default and requiring explicit switching on on a one-off basis each time you Publish or Export, if you want them to be visible). Harder to get my head around, but also potentially very useful if executed well, would be some way to manually record WIP revision notes when saving a copy of a whole VW file. If there are Sheets involved this could include an automated summary of WIP changes to Sheets too (so a P1.01 revision of a VW file might include a bunch of different revisions to Sheets, P1.05, P2.03, P1.02 etc.). To work well though I think this would need to involve some sort of a new high level menu command (File > Save as a Work in Progress) for explicitly saving a file as an ISO 19650-compliant WIP file. Rather than simply duplicating a file manually in your file system. This command could then prompt the adding of WIP revision meta data. There's also the Project Sharing History tab, although to be honest I've never used it. But seems to me this could be used for recording file level internal revisions with a bit of discipline. Does any do this? It would certainly be more useful if it verbosely tracked changes to Sheet revisions.
  23. You can control the top and bottom heights of a Wall (Style) for the overall Wall as you did in your screenshot. But you can also set/overwrite top+bottom for each Wall Component. I think this is the case in your Style. That way the overall Wall height settings will be ignored. Wall Styles and Story+Level in VW are a bit complicated at first (IMHO more than it needs to be) But once understood and set pretty helpful.
  24. If I see right, there is no way to import 3D PDF's directly to VW ? I'm getting more and more of these "plaything files" from clients and wonder if someone here has a solution for the quickest way to get a Top, Front, and Sideview out of these files into VW ?
  25. Erm Jonathan Reeves has some wall/slab/roof styles but I'd just create my own, then you can get exactly what you want. I don't think there are any existing styles in the libraries I'd use off the shelf. More of an issue for me has been finding suitable textures for the materials i'm using. Despite the quantity of resources in the VW libraries a large proportion of it isn't much use. But there's tons of free textures out there so I'd say better to start from scratch + build the exact wall you want. Very quick + easy. Just don't try + change the orientation of a texture on a slab...
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