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  2. Vectorworks keeps on crashing when exporting as EPSF. Anyone know how to resolve this?
  3. Thanks Michael, unfortunately after doing those I'm still unable to dock palettes and Vectorworks still crashes just like before. 😞
  4. Hi @bjoerka, If you have been working fine with this configuration of external monitors and eGPU for a while, based on the nature of this symptom I would suggest that it is a fleeting issue and that it would be resolved by; Restarting just Vectorworks, but if that doesn't work; Restart your computer. And if that still doesn't rectify the problem; Restart the eGPU as well. If the restarting doesn't resolve the issue; If your eGPU came with its own software and/or drivers: Check if an update was applied between when this occurred and the last time you used Vectorworks with this hardware setup. Check if a macOS update was applied between when this occurred and the last time you used Vectorworks with this hardware setup. If either of the above correlate with the start of this problem and if the restarting actions I suggested above don't remedy the problem, then its almost a certainty that the software update has introduced this problem. - If so; Roll back the update (using Time Machine perhaps) and contact the applicable software developer.
  5. A sense of delight and a nagging uncertainty about how you just did something is built in to Vectorworks!
  6. Since you did a clean install, I'd look at either a corrupted preference file, a corrupted workspace or another app or system extension that conflicts with VW. If it was me I'd try these three steps first. In case you have a corrupted preference file, try blowing away your preferences: If you use a custom workspace try going back to a default workspace. If that doesn't work, make a new user on your computer and open VW in that user account.
  7. I recently tried to open VW 2021 and it crashes as soon as I try to organize the desktop. I cannot move palettes, they do not dock to any point on the workspace and when I try, VW crashes. I did a deinstall and a reinstall, upgraded to SP2 but still nothing. I am working on a 2020 27" Imac running Catalina 10.15.7-Specs screenshot below. I was able to run VW 2021 two weeks ago on this machine, and the only difference is the MacOS update to 10.15.7. I am attaching the Problem Details and System Configuration report that is being sent to Apple because of this crash. Need to get this fixed. thank you Problem Details and System Config.pdf
  8. This Software is amazing. Say what you like the most about VW!
  9. I just did a quick test here and was able to use Class Overrides on Autohybrids in Top/Plan (2D). Can you post a file with an object that you can't override?
  10. Are you running the latest Service Pack (I think it is SP5)? If you are, can you post a file showing the issue? And the usual trouble shooting steps: If you are using a Custom Workspace, try using one of the default workspaces. If that helps, then rebuild you custom workspace. If you are using a template that can come forward from previous versions, consider rebuilding your template. Try and temporarily move or rename your user folder and restart VW. If this helps, then you can keep using the new User Folder that VW automatically creates. If it does not help, then you delete the new one and restore the old User Folder and Restart VW.
  11. no this is not the problem. The classes from the slab are active, because some slabs works very good, other slabs disrepair when I double click on it when I try to work on it. Then I get the message there is not a graphical object, so if you leave the workspace from the slab then it is totally gone an must a redraw the slab Pascal
  12. @Andy Broomell sorry to blow up your spot -- and also thank you!
  13. Found this old post while working on my own batch importer, so maybe you've figured this out by now? I can't find any information or the existence on this vectorscript command anywhere online though so maybe it's somehow an outlier that wasn't documented, but it's in the Procedure List and is working for me in 2020/2021 (maybe wasn't around for 2019 when this was in question?). BOOLEAN = vs.Import3DSFile(fileName, atOrigCoords, position) Were you successful with your batch importer? I'm running into some complications with the OBJ command processing lists of objects to import and retrieving handles for the imported objects that I'm slowly working my way through; would be great to get some help from somebody who's done it successfully.
  14. Disappearing objects are most often associated with Class Visibilities. Do you happen to have the class of the Slab set to invisible? If it is the active class the slab will show, but when you switch to a different class it will become invisible.
  15. Hi everyone, My Vectorworks 2021 (SP2) crashes every time I try to open the Resource Manager, Style Options, Wall Options, Door Styles etc, making it virtually impossible for me to do my work. I also cannot change line styles as it crashes the app. I did a clean reinstall of Vectorworks 2021 today, and the issue still persists. Since this, I am also unable to dock palettes to the sides of windows, and I also cannot change Workspaces as Vectorworks freezes up and gives me the endless beachball. Does anyone else have the same issue? If so, has anyone managed to find a workaround or a fix for this? I'm on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1, 2019 15" MacBook Pro (Intel i7-9750H, 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM, Radeon Pro 555X). I feel like the root of this may be Big Sur, although I'm not having any issues with any other programs, only Vectorworks, and these issues have only started happening about 5 days ago. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Hello, does anyone please have an idea why all of a sudden - and though i did not change anything on my laptop nore in Vectorworks - i cannot open Vectorworks any longer. I already completely uninstall and reinstalled Vectorworks (it took me 3 times until it finally worked again) and again ... Vectorworks2020.exe system error - The program could not be started as MSVCP140.dll is missing on the computer. Install the program again to solve this issue. i also checked and i do have a "MSVCP140.dll" on my computer. Thanks for your kind help.
  17. Hi all, Ran into a snag with the vs.GetLayer(h) command in marionette. Instead of returning a handle to the layer of the object, it returns a handle to the current layer in the document. What am I missing? Do I need to regenerate the object/something along those lines? I've attached a script with a modified Get Layer node that returns the name of the layer rather than the handle (just so it's easier to see what you're getting back). Any help appreciated! Thanks, Naomi Get Layer.vwx
  18. Very dry humor...If I'm reading you correctly...I love it.
  19. Long story short... 2021 sp2 is crashing all over the place on me. I have a huge project due on Tuesday and was just wondering if anyone has a 2021 SPO or SP1 Mac install file that they would be willing to share with me until I can consult with tech support on Monday! Thanks much!
  20. hm, that file is already a great design for the new poster, but I would definitely change the text attributes to pen = black, this will suite best to the current situation. 🙂
  21. Wow! that was good...That sounds like you need to make a poster of your own...What image would you use? I would like to see it. posters.vwx
  22. @Mark Aceto I think you will find that adding more lights in a grid helps for less spotiness. And you might try building an area light, which I have had some success with in VW. I am also a fan of ambient light+ ambient occlusion, which some people say is heresy in this age. But these are just all tools in your toolkit in my opinion. I certainly would at least try turning it on before I switched on maximum bounces in a GI solution (I would never turn on maximum bounces in a GI solution 😎).
  23. I did it, I flippen did it, chuffed to bits. Although to be fair, I'm not sure how, lol. Thank you. busy watching a video about vertex right now.
  24. Thank you, Ill start now as I really want this to work. much appreciated. Is there a Facebook page that you you might belong to that I may join?
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