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  2. Not exactly, but you can use the Move command to move each by the same exact distance. The Move command will retain the most recently entered numbers, so this is a pretty fast way to achieve what you're after. Another way is to select both walls and then drag them together; or better, select them both then Group, then drag, then Ungroup.
  3. in a quick 2 minute trial, constrains seem to work with 2D object (lines, Rects, Polys, etc) and walls, but not with try 3D object. They do not work on 3D objects, so if you have an extrude, you can't constrain a line to it. If you make a viewport of some lines, no, you can't constrain an object in the Annotations to an object in the design layer shown in the viewport. Sorry.
  4. As pat said it's best to put everything into a single string before using it in the criteria. This should work: Mark := '2001'; qstr := Concat ('''Group-A''', '.', '''Mark''', '=', '''',Mark, ''''); GroupPanelCount := Count (qstr); Message (GroupPanelCount);
  5. I've attached the DXdiagnostic results, as well as a screenshot of the installer when the error appears. DxDiag.txt
  6. Maybe it is me, that dosent explain well, sorry If i draw 2 squares in my sheet layer can i easily constrain them. The problem is when i draw a square on my sheet layer, and trying to constrain it to my viewport from my design layer
  7. Actually the opposite is true. The constraints will work for 2D object but not for most 3D objects. 3D constraints have not yet been implemented in VW for most things other than associative dimensions which are primarily point/point constraints.
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  9. May I have that file please, or the roof faces from it in a test document? I tried it here and wasn't able to replicate in 2018SP2, but I made only a few very simplistic examples.
  10. Please send me one of the files that show the issue when rendering and I can take a look. I have not encountered this here. Include the following from one or both of your machines as well, please:
  11. I have not. Reply back with the following from your machine: As well as a screenshot of the installer window when it throws that error please, including any foreground and background windows.
  12. Hey there, as far as I know it isn't possible to mirror a group that contains groups, right? Might there be a other way to handle the problem, for example to ungroup, mirror and than group the group as it was before? Or is a simple 2D mirror operation possible with the "transform2" node? Cheers!
  13. Hi, i am new to VW, and i need some help I have this 3D model, and I need to add some details to it on the drawing. So i made a viewport from the top, and jumped in to annotations in the viewport. Then did I make a line, and tried to use a "constrain coincident" on the line to the "side" of the model. Then i get a "This constraint is not valid" error. can it really be true, that you cant add a Parametric constraint on my 2D drawing?
  14. works like a charm! only comment is that it doesn't seem to touch drawing labels.
  15. Hi all, When select the show ID TAG in the door/window OIP option and select the show in 3D, so when i have the elevations it automatically shows the tag for that door/window, while is showing in one of the elevations on the other elevation is not showing wonder if it's a bug ? I've done: Classes are all on, same layers are on, the doors & windows that don't show the ID TAG on the elevation, when i go to the 3D model they're showing Tried to turn off and on on those selected doors and windows, Still they don't show! Plot_4.vwx
  16. Trying to install 2018 now, but the installer tells me there is not enough disk space to install no matter what location I choose. I have 200GB free on my C drive and 1TB free on my D:\, but I get the same message on both. Anyone seen this issue before?
  17. Excellent very helpful ideas. I'll have a go later. many thanks. Helen
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  19. Somewhere in the preferences that is an option for new classes to be either visible or invisible in existing Viewports. I don't have time to search for it tonight. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.
  20. Yes, Yes, Probably But not tonight. How do you identify Plant objects in the RM from other symbols? Other than by a specific folder. Are the names, etc. in the PIO record or are these in a separate record attached to the symbol?
  21. Try making the entire criteria into a single string and then use that string. VS does not like a mix of text and variables as a criteria.
  22. Ping me on Wednesday and I will try to make some time to take a look. You can access all of the symbols in the resource manager using a Vectorscript call call BuildResourceList. From that list you could build a manual worksheet with the information on each symbol. You could then edit that data and use a second script to write it back. But you can't use a simple database row to access symbols that are not placed in the drawing.
  23. Unfortunately, this returns zero as my code did. Your loop added too many quotes. But you gave me a good idea. This works .. FieldValue := '2001'; crit := Concat (Chr(39), 'Group-A', Chr(39), '.', Chr(39), 'Mark', Chr(39), '=', Chr(39), FieldValue, Chr(39)); Counter := Count (crit); Message (Concat ('Total Count = ', Counter)); Good work. Thanks
  24. I haven't tested the code below, but I believe it goes something like that: (You'll have to declare those variables though; ah Vectorscript ) { Orso *********************************************** } { wraps a string in '' } FUNCTION T_Apo(str: STRING): STRING; BEGIN T_Apo := Concat(Chr(39), str, Chr(39)); END; RecordName := 'Group-A' FieldName := 'Mark' FieldValue := '2001' crit := Concat(T_Apo(RecordName),T_Apo('.'),T_Apo(FieldName),'=',T_Apo(FieldValue)) Counter = Count(crit) Message(Concat('Total Count = ',Counter_))
  25. You could convert that 660 line macro in VS to python .. (jokes) When I used to use vectorscript, the VectorLab website was an invaluable resource. Here are two functions by @orso b. schmidthat helped me string together criteria(s):
  26. Thanks twk, Unfortunately, I'm not into Python yet, and the count is part of a 660 line macro in VS so I can't just fit this into what I have. Any other great ideas
  27. Hi, I have two different walls on top of each other. Is it possible to do so, when i move one of them, the other follow.
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