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  2. This. This request is two years old now. I can't believe this hasn't been addressed. It makes site modelling near useless and the workflow from concept to drawing non existent. If a dev wishes to reach out to me for some explanation of what is needed here, I welcome it.
  3. C. Andrew Dunning

    Power distro symbols

    Calling @Sam Jones...
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  5. JuanP

    Copy/Paste Beams - Crashes

    @Scott-ASC I have not heard of this being an issue, however could you make sure Send Crash details in selected in the Vectorworks preferences and also provide me via DM with your serial#? thanks,
  6. Live Data Visualization is a real game changer. I haven't been able to mess with it as much as I want to yet, but it is my favorite feature in quite some time! For what its worth, you could possibly get away with a short cut in your workflow. If you are basically re-typing the area from the polygon itself in the record format, you can technically just use live data visualization based on the area field found in the Shape tab which is automatically generated:
  7. Tamsin Slatter

    Data Visualization on Design Layers is really cool

    The criteria for selection and visualization is much expanded too - not just looking for record data.
  8. Pat Stanford

    Text Style

    Have you looked at: FUNCTION CreateTextStyleRes( name:STRING ) :HANDLE ;
  9. ConcourseDM

    Changing colours

    OK, I think what I'm trying to ask is... 1 - can you delete a colour in the colour palette of the document? & 2 - if you do that will it ask to a colour that you want to change it to? Kind of like in Photoshop or Illustrator or suchlike. Thanks for listening.
  10. Neil Barman

    Vectorworks Preferences, Revisited

    Thanks for the suggestion, François. I was just looking for the "sweet spot" and, though I love pinball in machine form, I don't want to see it all day on-screen... a 0.6s delay is great!
  11. I'm interested in buying it, how much would you be looking for.
  12. Scott-ASC

    Copy/Paste Beams - Crashes

    Hi, I have been using V2020 (win 10) for a few days now and have been drawing beams using the beam tool to recreate the roof of a venue. I have been getting a lot of crashes by copy/paste of beams that I have created, sometimes works - most of the time crashes. I'm wondering if this is a known issue. Cheers Scott
  13. inikolova

    VW Cloud / Drive integration

    @STR, Thanks for posting my answer! I was just searching to find it myself, because I know I have answered the same question before. 🙂 Regards, Iskra Nikolova
  14. MaltbyDesign

    Adding a Building to a Site Plan Questions

    Thanks, Boh.
  15. michaelk

    Text Style

    How does one create a Text Style resource with VS?
  16. Same here. w/2020 but slightly different. I uncheck "get text from database" to just add a note with the callout tool, but lo and behold, the "callout" database menu shows up (not suppose to), whereas previous versions "notes manager: Callout" menu shows up and you just add your text to you callout. This is broken and yes renders the program useless if adding notes to drawings are part of your work flow (100% of architects and landscape architects). Agree with others that the quality control for new versions frankly sucks. If this were an automobile manufacturer, the company would be out of business.
  17. MaltbyDesign

    Terrain Model Datum?

    @Tamsin Slatter Sorry to revive this thread but I'm going through this now and am curious to explore the two recommendations that you've made. Is there a tutorial that would show me how to apply these two suggestions? I'm not sure how to go about to use viewports as you've described in your two recommendations. Can you elaborate or guide me through the process? Thanks kindly!
  18. jnr

    Best Small Plotter?

    I have an HP T520 36" that has performed quite well. Also not small but anything that will print D is going to have some size. Plug n play on a Mac, easy to print sheet stock (smaller sizes). Not terribly expensive and Amazon will drop it at your door. Ink readily available. You do have to take care of these things and I'm lucky I have a good HP tech who services nothing but large format machines.
  19. Pat Stanford

    Title Blocks - VW 2020

    I use a Workgroup Folder and Defaults to store title blocks. Workgroup Folder:Libraries:Defaults:Sheet Border - Title Blocks Put a VW file in that location that contains the title block, rest your Resources (Resource Manager, Gear Icon at top, Refresh Libraries) and you should be able to see your SB-TB in the list of selectable styles in the Sheet Border tool and in the OIP with a Sheet Border selected.
  20. Dave Donley

    Keyshot and Vectorworks

    The environment that is closer to our hearts would be CINEMA 4D, it can do anything SM can do and there are all manner of rendering plugins for it, including Keyshot: https://luxion.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KP/pages/38477184/Cinema+4D
  21. Claes Lundstrom

    Keyshot and Vectorworks

    As always, it's a question of using the right tool for the right job. You can use a screwdriver to paint you house, but why bother when a brush i much quicker. Why do I use Keyshot? Because it's FAST, and offers stunning realtime renderings. The enclosed image is where I was after exactly one minute, twenty-one seconds, after having pressed the Import button, based on a textured model in OBJ format from TouchCAD. It's as fast as it gets if you ask me.
  22. Dave Donley

    window reflection

    Oh, caustics must have been added after 2015 then. Caustics are focused reflections which I think is what you are wanting. The indirect lighting is "diffuse" and doesn't really simulate focused light like from refraction (water glass) or reflection (disco ball). Without that you could project a pattern manually by making a textured 3D polygon floating in space (using transparent image shader in the texture) with a spot light behind it. But I doubt you would want do that much work for it.
  23. michaelk

    control points 101

    I'm using 2020. Every time I change anything in the definition it adds or subtracts a Y from one or more of the control points. Always the Y. It ping pongs between 1 and 2 Ys. So far it hasn't used 3 Ys! Haven't checked 2019 to see if this is new.
  24. Francois Levy

    Vectorworks Preferences, Revisited

    I set mine to about 0.6 seconds; seems to be long enough to avoid everything lighting up like a pinball machine, but not too long to wait if you want the highlighting.
  25. MHBrown

    Keyshot and Vectorworks

    @Dave Donley I couldn't agree more with your hammer analogy, Dave, but many of my opportunities are with trade show companies where I am supplementing their in-house design departments. Each one has a chosen software that they use and will only hire designers from the sub-set of those users. I wish it were creativity or strength of portfolio, but it is my experience that if you don't use Studio Max, a SM-based shop will not give you a second look. I have not seen any shop that has offered training when discussing a full-time position. It is assumed you will do that on your own. Right now, I have a demo of FormZ on my computer because a potential client uses that for trade show design. When will I have the time to get up to speed on that? The fact that Keyshot exports in something like 30 formats seems to suggest just how fragmented the 3D design world is. Is this anyone else's experience? Perhaps I should be looking at different clients. I wish it were more like graphic design where everyone uses Adobe CC. Now I'm looking at the demo for Keyshot and will give that a go. Thanks for all the great advice! Mike
  26. ccw

    Title Blocks - VW 2020

    Ok, I thought I did do a refresh, but will check. I am not sure about the TBB styles, I will have to look up to see if they are indeed that symbol type or even how to specify them as that. When I get home from work this evening I will post the sample file.
  27. Must have 5+ years experience with Spotlight Drafting projects focused on use for installers Must be experienced with importing 3D objects Short- term contract Respond with your email for details
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