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  3. My issue is hopefully easier to fix. None of my window/door sills are showing. I've gone through every setting I can think of to try and find out why. Tried all the classes and haven't been able to sort it. Any one else have this issue?
  4. Hi Everybody, Does anyone know how to attach a single bridle or motor direct to a house riggingpoint? I get only bridles with more then one leg to work. Thanks in advance!
  5. Well we are now midway through the third week in November - Service Pack 2 ?????? What would be decent of VW is just to admit there is a problem - apologise for it, then devote resources to fixing it. Obviously the software industry does not admit its failures, but I think that VW ( and all other software providers) forget that in today's world of total reliance on computers, people's livelihoods depend on being able to use the software which they have purchased - we cannot just change to another provider and they know this. There are different situations that users are reporting - this problem is across the board, which means that something is wrong at the core of the software. Can you please fix it.
  6. Strongly hope myself this is fixed with coming SP2. As @A McDonell stated above I have same issues. Memory demand continuously rising and Hidden Line render update is really really slow (section viewports) I've written about it earlier here:
  7. Check out this tread:
  8. Oh boy... Yeah, you're right. There's even a little widget above the pricing menu for Spotlight or Designer that will bump the combined cost of Designer + ConnectCAD to $5,545. While the hopes of it being baked into 2020 at no cost are lost, like tears in rain, a new hope is that the cost of ConnectCAD is no more expensive than it was before it was acquired. That said, I need another subscription service like I need a hole in the head. Will there be a Vector+ bundle that I can rent though Kabletown?
  9. thats how me as a marionette newbie thinks i might work somehow, but how to continue?
  10. Good morning, after a while practicing VW i now think there might be some way for me to "resurrect" dead geometry with the marionette tool. I got a spot geometry and i want to make it rotate/inclinate the spot and maybe dim its lightsource with a marionette code, if this is possible too. MAybe u can verify or falsify my thoughts here. Is the "create custom object node" the right thing i need here? IF so, i need a little help to use the marionette script to do it. How the placement of the predesigned geometry will work. But so far i dont know how to use the marionette to place a predesigned spot geometry and how does it work for me to put it into a vwx file. how IS it possible, to rotate the spot (inclination) around a predefined axis? I think i need a simple line in the axis where i want to incline it with a name to define the rotation axis for a rotation node. Then i will make a inputnode for the angle of the inclination and a float input for the percentage of the lightsource (dimming). WIll this work somehow? IF i succeed with this, i can really make parametric objects out of dead geometry. How to wrap it so, that i can use the parameters of the marionette to manipulate the spot? BR KC
  11. I believe that pricing includes the Vectorworks Spotlight license, so that's about $700 above Spotlight alone. I think that's actually the same with Braceworks — the quoted price is for a new license of Spotlight with Braceworks. What isn't clear from the site is how and how much the cost is to add on one of the additional packages to an existing license.
  12. Q: How can the 'Tag Bottom' = Latin Name show up in italics on my plan? Is there a way to assign a Text Style to 'Tag Bottom'? Plant labels on my plan - the result is Thanks in advance for your help! ~ Lara
  13. I've been creating VR panoramas for quite a while and haven't had many issues until recently. When I render an image and I'm happy with the result and then create a VR panorama with the same settings, the panorama comes out really bright as if the ambient lighting has been turned to 100% (I have tried a lot of settings). I've tried rendering on the cloud and get the same result rendering and saving locally,. the only difference is that rendering locally the resulting Index and aframe.min.js file that is created with it, only displays a white screen in the browser no matter what browser I open the file file in. One other issue I've had in the past before this issue is with creating a panorama with lit fog, the resulting panorama has a ghost image of the lit fog behind the camera position. What has changed with RW that this is now happening? Rivershed v2020.pdf
  14. I agree - these should be available as PDFs. [I used the Print function (lower right hand corner of the page) to create my own PDF, but it's not ideal]. Personally, I really do not like the whole skeumorphic, flipping page usage. But if you must use the flipping page approach, please also provide a downloadable PDF option.
  15. Wait - and the price of Braceworks DOUBLED from 5k to 10k? When did THAT happen?
  16. WHAAAAAAAAAAT???????? https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/connectcad/buy $5k or $200/month? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? The standalone app was $700/year. NOT COOL.
  17. I note on the calendar that Construct Canada (Dec 4-6) Canada's largest AEC industry show (that I attend every year but have no affiliation to) isn't noted. I know that both Auto Desk and Archicad have had booths in the past (Auto Desk isn't a sponsor this year). I seen people I've know from the east coast, Quebec & Alberta at past shows. You may want to add it to your calendar.
  18. @JMR ... or draw a line through the text?😝
  19. FYI I've been using VW heavily for over 10 years, the workflow is not confusing, merely tedious. Look at those first two images closely! That is not plane confusion.
  20. http://blog.vectorworks.net/workflow-wednesday-3-guides-youll-wish-you-read-sooner To the VW powers that be: any chance we can get access to these guides in a downloadable format? PDFs would be great. And if there are other guides available, it would be nice to have access to those as well. If these are already publicly available , I'd appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  21. Hello, I am working on a render, and I am getting really bad splotchy shadows as you can see in the picture. I have indirect lighting set to 16 bounces. The lights are a glow texture. Any ideas on what may be causing this?
  22. alfresco


    OK! thanks. I will play around a little more....
  23. Yesterday
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    I believe you can't have a story that is between other stories - that is, they have to stack. What I did in a similar situation is choose the story that was most applicable for the garage, and then adjust the Z-offset of the slab, and use AEC->Fit Walls to Objects... for the walls. When things change (and they always do), I have to go through and adjust.
  25. alfresco


    Thanks. I have played around with an additional Garage Story with corresponding design layers and levels. However, I still can not seem to resolve the problem.I think that it should be straight forward? Thanks, lm
  26. zoomer


    I would create some extra custom Story Levels and a special Wall Style duplicate for the garage walls.
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