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  2. Paolo, I tried Geometry and it loaded into my Shaper Origin CNC- it looked good up until I tried to place the design for cutting- then it rejected the file format. I have never seen this with a file before-usually they fail to load if they are bad.
  3. Hello Nomi Sorry, saw your problem now. Change the "Name Node" to do "no copy" and you will get the original layer. with "copy" it returns the Layer of the new (copy) object greatings M.Graf
  4. @svluijk, I was saying our changes for this went into the initial Fall release of 2021. What version are you using?
  5. Three recommendations: 1 - Put all info concerning the site model in the same layer. There are ways to go around this rule, but it's the easiest way. 2 - Include a grade limit for your site model. If you don't do it, you'll always get a strange modelation. 3 . If you use locus points or 3d polys to model, put them in the class Site-DTM-Modifier. It's a special class that can receive non parametric object to model site models. Regards, Cazoña2_v2021_v2019.vwx
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  7. correct the builder is currently PC only Just to be clear, the GDTF Fixture Builder is available at https://fixturebuilder.gdtf-share.com/ for both OSX and PC. Accessing the fixture builder from inside of Vision does, indeed, only work from PC, however. EDIT: at the moment the MVR format doesn't support Spotlight focus points or focus information Also, focus points should work with MVR when going from VW to Vision so long as the version of Vision is 2020 SP2 or newer. There was a bug introduced in Vision 2019 SP3, that we were able to ship a fix for in 2020 SP2 😉
  8. Ok, thanks, It's 2019. I have used Vectorworks for 2D stuff for years but am really struggling to move over to 3D! As this is a simple site and at the moment is only at a very outline concept stage I thought it might be a good one to start with... Cazoña2.vwx
  9. Maybe you should post your vectorworks file for people to take a look at. If it's in 2020, I'll check it out.
  10. Hello Nomi, Why don't you use the original node "get layer"? in your node get Layer(ED) is "out" the name of the layer! Change out to l und you get the handle. Greatings M. Graf
  11. Eric, Thanks for the good information, it is what I was actually looking for - I would very much like to see a demo. Thank you for your offer and meeting others in this area would also be a very nice thing to do. Please let me know how to go about taking you up on your offer.😀
  12. Yeah, I think as long as the term "BIM" is not trademarked it always defined in a way that suits you. Archicad trademarked the whole OpenBIM thing and now in Germany everyone thinks Archicad and OpenBIM are synonymus. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Hmmh, I always think, DWG import in VW isn't super fast, but very OK vs some other import options. And for me it is nearly lossless. Solids come in fine, even Materials and Assignments. Unfortunately the other way, DWG out is far more lossy. I also always import DWGs into a Shuttle File only, which I "reference" into my Work File. I don't had that as much as with Revit Imports, but when Hatches or even complex Line Styles import as exploded separate 2D Elements, or 3D Meshes at too fine tessellations, that could could slow down your Import and VW Design Views immensely.
  14. @Pat Stanford What ended up working decently for me was setting the import quality to "Medium" now, it's slow, but bearably slow. It took me most of the day to get to this point, but feeling much better about it. Have not tried the reference file method, but this will work for now. I suspect I'll switch to the shuttle method in the future. I've been told this is "it" - no changes to come... fingers crossed.
  15. However, feature wise, most localized PIOs are at a whole other level vs the international VW Version.. On the other side, common Stair Tool works OK in the localization where it is coming from. But its crippled geometry won't help there either, also there are too lots of feature wishes, where the Stair Tool runs into its limits. Same for Curtin Wall and Railing PIO. Lots of german users mention and wish for the Benelux Windows. And VW is called international or english version, but I always call it VW US. As it is so US standard flavored in any way. Units, standards, naming, Tools, ... Although more international versions are sold in the world outside of the US. Even the UK don't feel very at home, although the same(?) language. But what does someone in Vietnam, Sibiria, Chile or Jemen feels when looking at and playing with VW. I think VW english international should be more international, starting simple from the least common denominator but offering additional flexible Tools which all can profit from.
  16. @michaelk I double checked the polygons and there are some extra vertices and the specific one I screenshot has lines that are of by .01°++ . Once I fixed them, they turned out fine again! Fingers Crossed!! Thanks for your help!
  17. Have you tried isolating the imported DWG into a separate VWX file and then referencing that file into your working file? Then if you get an update all you have to update is the reference file. Search for Shuttle File in the forum for more information. And more than likely the slowness is not due to 7000 objects, but probably just a few items that look simple but are actually polygons with thousands of vertices.
  18. while I'd need to see the venue and the complexity, I would make everything Hybrid so you have 2D and 3D as needed.
  19. I have no idea what this is, but it sure is pretty.
  20. Is anyone aware of what settings control the quality of the bitmap created when decomposing a pdf? I find that the image quality of the bitmap produced lacks the crisp focus of the original pdf. The document preferences for Resolution are at their max, including output at 600dpi but I don't feel that these are necessarily related to this process. Is it possible that this degradation of the bitmap image quality is a result of pdf licensing requirements?
  21. For some reason the roof face and slab objects use the slab pset and so I can use one data tag for both those object types. Walls have to be a separate data tag. On another note, I have a difficult time tagging assemblies in section - even when the viewport is set to not show objects beyond, it seems to want to find objects beyond the cut plane instead of objects at the cut plane for some assemblies. Anyone else have this problem? VW 2021 SP2.
  22. I have a big project that moved from VWX to AutoCAD except for my scope of the project (video) which has stayed in VWX. Now that they have the whole space modeled, the grid designed in AutoCAD, I need to get their 3D objects into my project and conform to the final version of things. In the past, I've had success where the client just exports a DWG - and then on import I identify their layers as classes and it's a little slow to do the conversion but it works fine. With this project, the import works fine, but it is unbearably slow, often unresponsive, in VWX. So laying in my projectors and their accessories is impossible. I'm guessing the slowness has something to do with the 7000 objects on import. The AutoCAD folks have paired it down as much as possible for me, but it's just not working right yet. I tried the OBJ method as well, but it's even slower than the DWG method. Having the layers via the DWG method is also extremely helpful. So I don't want to lose that. Have tried on multiple machines as well. Windows, Mac, etc. Is there a better way to do this?
  23. That's great. Thanks for the improvement. Please pass the tip along to the VW University team & maybe show them how to improve pagination as well.
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