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  2. Tim Harland

    Data Tag scaling

    Hi Kostadin, Sorry I have tested it a bit more extensively. They behave like page based symbols on design layers but they don't behave like page based symbols in Sheet Layer Viewports - ie they change sizes with different scale viewports. Ideally they would stay the same size in different scaled Sheet Layer Viewports like Page Based Symbols do? That tends to be our real world use of them, ie we want a door label that is on a particular design layer to be the same page size on a 1:00 as on a 1:50 drawing. Regards, Tim
  3. Hello all. I was wondering if there is a way to copy information from one record in one field to another record in another field; and if yes, if there is a way to be even more advanced and possibly take information from two fields and combining them into another field in another record. Specifically, using spotlight, we have all our lighting instruments with dmx addresses (let's say "A") and dmx universes (let's say "U") in separate fields; we would like to take those values and put them into a third field as "U.A". In another case, we have all these lighting instruments named in a custom record field as "Fixture Number", and we would like to straight copy that value into the "Dimmer" field. Thanks in advance, Peter.
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  5. Nicolas Goutte

    Get the program state via SDK ?

    I think that at least very difficult to react pragmatically to a crash, as a crash is by definition a situation where a program does not to do else than to abort its execution. Assuming Windows: as for debugging a crash manually afterwards, well that is possible in your plug-ins if you keep them PDB files (of course you have to generate them, even in Release it is possible and you do not need to ship them to the customer. You indeed need the crash dump from the customer too (see his VW user folder). Of course, as it is your PDB file and the one of VW, you will have probably plenty of Vectorworks.exe+offset entries in the trace stack, but mostly it should not hinder you to fix a bug in your code. (I am quite sure there was a good web page somewhere on MSDN how to debug with a dump file and a PDB file, however I cannot find that web site right now, sorry. It is already a few years back when we had to do it, because we could not reproduce a bug by ourselves.)
  6. Cmb

    Get the program state via SDK ?

    Hello, I need to get the state of the execution of VW after loading my plugins. (if it crashed or executed well), when I build in Release. Is there a way to know when the program exits ? Or it 's impossible to catch this event via the SDK ? Because of the COM mechanisms, the entry point is called multiple times and i'm not sure if we can know when it closes. An idea was to try catch(...) all, but the sdk isn't using exceptions neither my plugins. Without writing own exceptions at plugins level, meybe there is another way to get a trace slighty like a debugger would do, but in Release ? (with .pdb, or crashdumpfile ? But how in the context of the SDK..) Thank you very much for helping,
  7. Silas

    Counter for DoorID

    Hello, I try to get an automatic door ID generator. The main part is done - but in the middle of the door ID should be a counter. If there is a room with more than one door, we need different door IDs. That's why we should have a counter in the middle. I tryed something (after #Number Check for Count) but just get the total count in each door and not 1,2,3 ... Thank you Silas import vs c_door = "(PON='Door CW')" door_list = [] door_id_pos = 4 def Add_Handle(obj): door_list.append(obj) vs.ForEachObject(Add_Handle,c_door) full = [] full_list = [] for element in door_list: bool, space_nr = vs.IFC_GetSpaceParamFO(element, '3') full.append(element) space_nr1 = vs.SubString(space_nr,',',1) space_nr2 = vs.SubString(space_nr,',',2) full.append(space_nr1) if space_nr2 != '': full.append(space_nr2) full_list.append(full) full = [] for item in full_list: first_spacenr = item[1] try: second_spacenr = item[2] except IndexError: second_spacenr = '' vs.AlrtDialog('Eine Türe ohne zwei Räume gefunden') vs.SetSelect(item[0]) #Number Check for Count y = 0 i = 0 imax = len(full_list) number = 0 while i < imax: if item[1] in full_list[y]: number = number + 1 y = y + 1 i = i + 1 #Set Door ID number_space = first_spacenr +'_'+ str(number) + '_' + second_spacenr vs.SetRField(item[0],'Door CW','DoorID',number_space) vs.ResetObject(item[0]) number = 0
  8. Boh

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    Hey Acip79 ive only just upgraded to vw2019 and haven’t tried the space tool finishes yet. I’m dissapointed to hear that it’s still buggy. @JMR, if you have a moment can you outline how you set up your custom data tag finishes (still using the built in finishes) im interested to know as I’ll be diving into finishes on vw2019 quite soon
  9. anyone knows what was done ? Hidden Line Renderings seem to be 2 times faster ? Great ! 😀😀😀
  10. TomWhiteLight

    Create Hoist Manufacturer

  11. KIvanov

    Data Tag scaling

    Hi Tim, The data tag at the moment is Page Based. Best Regards, Kostadin Ivanov
  12. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    Hi, So happy that VWX SP4 is released. Unfortunately these issue on two way finish schedule has not been resolved yet. I did sent it out as a bug report before. Can anyone help me on this please? 😔
  13. thom512

    Streamdeck integration.

    I figured out the solution! I tried opening up Notepad and hit the pan button and nothing happened, so I re-entered it and it worked (even though it already said "H"). That and of course re-tooling for Windows. For some reason, it didn't read the hot key assignments. Thanks all!! Thom
  14. Yesterday
  15. GAW-Grant

    2019 VW slow to start

    Hi Thanks everyone, I have discovered that if Chrome is off everything runs much faster !
  16. Dan Hoffman

    Streamdeck integration.

    Does your Streamdeck work elsewhere - i.e. if you open Notepad and press your shortcut key for pan, does an 'H' appear? That'll help narrow down whether it's a Vectorworks or Streamdeck issue...
  17. J. Miller

    Showing gobo texture in lit fog

    It may have something to do with soft shadows. Be sure that item is UN-Checked Jegg
  18. orso b. schmid

    Curtain Wall: equally spaced vertical frames

    The vertical frames in the wall displayed below need to have equal spacing. There is no Vectorscript access to the frames. I searched rather deep. Does anyone know how to access those frames?
  19. Tim Harland

    Data Tag scaling

    It would also be good to be able to set Data Tags with Page Based rather than World Based sizes like symbols.
  20. Benson Shaw

    Referenced in models not displaying correctly.

    Welcome to the forum! Yes. Referencing via design layer viewports is a great way to work with several files. In the Site (master) file create a separate design layer to contain each DVLP. Nothing but one DVLP in each of these layers. In Vwx, visibility problems are often (usually?) related to class settings. Some things to look at: • Try a system reboot and a vwx relaunch. • In each source file check/note the class assignment of objects missing in the Site file DVLPs. Save the source file. Repeat for other source files. • In the Site file, update All references (Organization or Navigation palette). Then open a layer containing a DVLP. Switch layer visibility to Active Only. Select the dvlp. If any objects are missing, open the OIP class visibility pane for the DVLP. Set all classes related to any missing objects to Visible. Repeat in the OIP layer list. Repeat @ each DVLP. • if geometry is all ok in the DVLP but missing in Sheet Layer Viewports, then open the SLVP class lists and set all relevant classes to Visible. • In the Site file, select a DVLP, open the OIP Class pane. Near bottom is an option for Use current document's class visibilities. Toggle/disable this and see if missing objects reappear. Issue here is that classes with same names as corresponding in Source files can be made in or added to the Master file (pasting/importing objects from source files, importing classes, template classes, etc). These classes in the Master file can control and override visibilities in the DVLPs if the Use current doc visibilities is enabled. Try disable the pref in the DVLP class list, or set the Master file classes and overrides for desired visibility in the DVLP. Whew, what a mouthful. Post back if visibility does not improve. -B
  21. I am tired of waiting for a fix that will never come. I asked for this functionality when the tool was issued, in 2014. Asked it again and again. It won't come. I need a way to distribute equally Curtain Wall vertical frames. I'd like to write a Distribute Vertical Frames command to be applied on a whole wall instance. Usually one would select them *one * by * one* then use the contextual menu "Distribute Frames". The selection of the vertical frames is a very cumbersome process that has to be repeated countless times during the planning phase. I cannot have a style for each wall length, so setting up widths in a wall style definition is not helpful. Does anyone have explored this already?
  22. Last week
  23. Hi guys. I'm trying to create my own Trussing symbols that are not available in the truss library. The problem I'm running into is when I create a symbol using the selected piece of truss and open it in another project, the imported symbol differs in size from what I have drawn in the project I used for modeling the piece of truss. I tried creating the symbol with unit type of world-based and page-based but no luck. The built in Truss library imports correctly no matter what the layer scale is. Thanks in advance! EDIT: My problem was that I created the symbols with Page-based units and not world based units.
  24. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Virtual Reality

    Our students use AR showing their interior designs to clients. I can send you some, but I’m sure @Alex Nicol can help you here as well with examples. Let me know it there is anything I can do for you! Cheers, JB
  25. creatrix

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    OMG I think I got it! Thanks to each and every one of you that helped. The Taos Habitat for Humanity thanks you!
  26. creatrix

    Roof help: parapets and shed

    I believe I'm closer in terms of Boh's method but can't figure out how to rotate the inverse object(yes Boh, that odd shape is what I want the wall to fit to on the underside) that I want the wall shaped by? I'd love to have the knowledge to do what you suggest line-weight, but I don't. I'm f+^$^&*ing sick of this, including my ignorance!
  27. thom512

    Streamdeck integration.

    Hi Sebaastian, Yes, I'm using your profile (THANK YOU!!) and on Windows. But even the keys mapped to a single shortcut aren't working (pressing the letter H, for instance, for Pan. That being said, some of the mappings need to be changed to Windows friendly - thank you for pointing that out to me! Thom
  28. Sebastiaan

    Streamdeck integration.

    Are you using my profile? Did you install the streamdeck application? If So are you on a Windows or on a mac? If you’re on windows then you may need to re assign the keyboard shortcuts to work with control in stead of cmd key. And don’t forget to upvote at the top of this page 😉.
  29. Kai1

    Floor mounted lights

    Hey all, Trying to create floor fixtures and after editing the 3D model successfully (just removing the C clamp) when I place it in my project and try to rotate around Y axis, the model gets 'blown out' (the yoke disconnects from the base pieces). I've tried to mimic how the default model is grouped (base pieces grouped apart from the yoke and fixture) and then have tried other options to see if I could fix the issue to no avail. Any ideas here? (I'm *very* new to VW)
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