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  2. @HEengineering Looking through this file, you have the user origin and the internal origin sett the same. The problem lies in the original data to create the DTM. My guess is you imported the lifework and it came in at a distance from zero zero. You then created the DTM and moved the DTM to zero zero. Meanwhile the original data in the DTM still holds the original x,y location, thus when you create the snapshot it will appear at the original location of the data. You can fix this by double clicking the DTM and select recreate from source data. Here you can copy all line work and exit this window. Next paste (not paste in place) your data and line it up with the DTM you created and moved. Delete your DTM from before and recreate using the newly pasted line work. This will reposition your DTM (and better yet the source data) over your origin slowing the snapshot to be placed correctly. As a note it would be better to GEO Ref from the beginning as this would set everything to its correct location eliminating this issue completely. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi! Here is a short video of a problem that I have. Why are the two circles not the same colors? Thanks Francesco Registrazione schermo 2020-04-03 alle 22.33.21.mov
  4. Jon has it right. You need a NURBS surface for the base of the array. Use the Extract tool in surface mode to easily pull it from another shape.
  5. I have the same problem. Can I ask you what are the rendering settings did you use? I like the simple but shaded colors. Similar to SketchUp! Thanks Francesco
  6. I've run into the exact same issue. The tutorial says for your arrays, you can use extrudes, nurbs, solids, meshes, 3D polys and 2D objects. I've made a simple extrude like he has in the tutorial, and used a hemisphere for my target surface. When I go to create a surface array, the "Previous" and "Next" button to select the array object is greyed out. It is also greyed out in the tutorial. No matter what I do, it treats the hemisphere as my array object which results in duplications of the hemisphere, not the array object. How do you use this properly?
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  8. I've just made a lot of rectangular PIO's ūüôā
  9. Josh, thank you for reading between the lines much better than I did.
  10. I am having the same problem, I don't see the updates at all. And the updater tells me that I am up to date........ But still working in SP2.2
  11. After I put doors in a wall the texture of the wall is either not showing or offsetting
  12. No - built-in control points are planar for plug-in objects, so you're not going to be able to manipulate the shape of the object in 3D, only in Top/Plan. To add 3D control points, you have to use the SDK.
  13. I created this model in a blank file so the internal origin should have been center of page. I actually copy the contours out of the dwg survey file and start fresh with a new file. I never encountered this before so Im not sure which origin is which and how I can align them if needed?
  14. Its weird is this also a bug in 2017 as I get the same results on an export. Where can I find the orgin that the survey is using relative to the model? I was getting the same results in 2017 and 2020 Site Model.vwx
  15. I think we need more information to be able to help. "creates several depth bodies" I think this probably means Extrudes. If so then yes you should be able to use the Deform tool on those objects. But it may be that you are actually generating a group of objects that would not be easily editable unless you edit the group first or ungroup the objects. When you select one of the objects what is the name of the type of object in the Object Info Palette (OIP)?
  16. Hello, I have written a vector script that creates several depth bodies. About the Rectangle Intelligent Object. Is it possible to deform the object witj the mouse in 3D? This works well in the 2D plan, but e.g. it doesn't work from the front. Greetings G√ľnther Sedlmeier
  17. Hi guys, I work from home on my personal Mac and I can't get the greyed layers grey when exporting to PDF. I have already decreased the 'gayness' to 30%, but they come out perfectly black. Am I missing anything here?
  18. @rowbear97 No my sig's up to date. I use a mix of CADS plus VW andf I do a lot of hand-drawn, and digital-watercolour graphics. I only use VW in 2D mode as I do not trust it's handling of 3D volume data after a couple of bad experiences. It is also very slow compared to other 3D-capable tools. A number of my sites are very large and VW IMO becomes less reliable when sites exceed 3km across. It still lacks the ability to handle vertical curves and the Property Line \ Landscape subdivision lot module lacks - full control of annotations - topolological polygon editing \ autoupdate of adjacent polygons Most bells and whistles added in the last 10 years do not simplify my workflow. To make me want to upgrade I'd want at least some of the items here forum post 20200311 I also am against photorealist presentations as, in general, they do not lead to the sort of conversations that help make great spaces, so I don't need all the graphic capability. Marionette is attractive and may short-circuit a lot of my wishlist but needs a bit more time on the stove. The GIS tools are not really fit for purpose, other than shapefile file import I do not use the I have QGIS for that. All VW needs to do is ensure their shp file import\export tool works correctly, does not destroy data and enables people to add new fields.
  19. This is an interesting read. If the lock down continues here in New Zealand for too long we will need to look at setting up file sharing on Dropbox or similar. At the moment however what we are doing is working really well. We have left our office workstations running and are simply remoting into our office network. No significant change in workflow, all libraries and resources all fully accessible like they were before. We use ms teams for keeping in touch which is simple, allows video conferencing and screen sharing etc. Hopefully it doesn’t get to the point where we have to abandon the office altogether.
  20. Thank you @sbarrett for the feedback. First off, thank you for your videos on marionette. It was a helpful introduction. I think what Vectorworks really needs is a primer on transition from a rhino methodology to Vectorworks. I was able to create the column, but only by extruding tapped curves and combing to solid. This wouldn't work with Create Surface Array and it didn't work when I create a mesh. I attached the model again. I have never been able to successfully loft curves or sweep in Vectorworks. It is very frustrating that these commands are intuitive in Rhino, but bring lots of difficulty with Vectorworks. In Rhino, lofting creates a surface between a network of curves to create a 3d object In Rhino, sweep2d, would take a profile/section and sweep it across a rail, the vector. I'm positive there are ways to comprehend this in Vectorworks if someone can help out with the attached file. COLUMN PRACTICE 2.vwx
  21. In the webinar on Wednesday they used the "Create seating" i thought thy were using Vectorworks 2020. I was able to use the tool as you mentioned so I did get it to work ultimately. Thanks!
  22. The data mapping is a big help, but still...if i do this way there are still no values added to the fields in IFC pSet other than the deafult values from the record format. I want to add the values from the 2D shape's individual record values to the IFC custom pSet values. As i have 1011 extrudes (1011 2D polys with 3X1011 values) i want to have a custom pSet with the same record in the IFC with those. (1st image with 0,0,0 is the 3D objects IFC custom pSet, the 2nd image is what is should be.)
  23. This sounds promising. It sounds like we're getting closer to a(somewhat) reproducible case. I've been playing around with the file you sent me and still cannot make it happen. Would you mind sending the file (you reproduced this in) privately? If you can, please don't delete or purge anything from the file because it might also remove the culprit.
  24. This is a known issue. If the internal origin and use origin are not aligned, then the site model snapshot is created in the wrong place. I reported it in VB-156435 (internal reference).
  25. I think he means that rather than deleting your Vectorworks user folder (~/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2020) that you just rename the 2020 file to something different (2020-old) and restart Vectorworks. This will force VW to generate a new user folder. Then if the problem still exists with the new user folder you can just delete it and rename the old one back and restart to get back to where you were. If you have custom stuff in the user folder having the old version as a copy also makes it easier to move it over to the new user folder if the new folder helps. I recommend only moving a few items at a time and testing between moves to try and isolate what is causing the problem. You might also want to do something similar with your Vectorworks Preferences (~/Library/Preferences/ with files names starting with net.nemetschek.
  26. You're welcome. Have a great weekend.
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