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  2. Gadzooks

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    NNA fanfares that VW is a solid modelling environment with the obvious benefits this brings to manipulation/change such as highlighted here. Yet simple stair (and custom stair) is now 'legacy' and is tucked away in preference to (all singing, all dancing????) Stair Tool, which as Kevin illustrates, clearly does not provide the promised/expected geometry. Nor (as discussed widely) does it offer anything close to a simple, user friendly, robust design tool for professional use - as it ought.
  3. Today
  4. Mathias Lange

    All commands

    Hey Community, is there a overview of ALL VWX Commands? (as I started it in the attached picture) Gibt es eine Übersicht ALLER VWX Befehle? (wie ich es im angehangenen Bild angefangen habe) Thx and best regards Mathias Lange
  5. markdd

    hybrid objects can only be rotated...

    It sounds like you have inadvertently turned off Unified View Take a look at this video which explains it a little more
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Tried all, and eventhough it makes a bit of a difference it is still slowing down my model too much. I'll go with the render texture option I guess, if I really want to show the perforation.
  7. Benson Shaw

    Best way to create plate with hole pattern

    Here's v2019 sample 350x250x1 symbol array. 2436 instances in OGL = 2.5 MB • Select All>Convert to Group (=2436 Extrudes)>Add Solids (took for EHVEEER) OGL = 220MB !!! • Select the Solid Addition>Modify>Convert to Generic Solid OGL = 94MB !! Same sheet made by circles clipped from rectangle then extrude = 16.7MB -B SymbolArrayv2019.vwx
  8. fabrica

    Wall Components in Viewports

    its under detail level in object info panel- see below
  9. There has been improvement as to the speed of the space tool in 2019, however it still takes too long a time for the tool to "boot".
  10. MSLD

    Callout Tool

    Anyone else having issues with the callout tool? When I try to annotate a viewport, I get a spinning beach ball, and it hangs. Mac 10.14.2, Vwx 2019SP2
  11. Peter Neufeld

    Plant list images

    Hello MUD, As per the reply I sent (8/11) there is also a file that includes the worksheet. The formula used is =PLANTIMAGE(2) 2 being the fact it was the 2nd image that was chosen. It goes 1,2,3 down the page. This is how it is using the Filemaker database. It might be different or similar if you are using a Plant Catalogue. Not sure about that as we don't have any in Australia for use yet but I imagine 1-4. I hope this helps. Cheers, Peter
  12. Benson Shaw

    Best way to create plate with hole pattern

    Another approach which might lower overhead is to make a unit hole and array it: Start by drawing either a 2d square with a hole, or like @markdd's square with clipped corners. Then . . . Extrude>Create Symbol>Duplicate array or Array Surface. Resulting array can Add Solids, Deform, etc if nec. Textures would be easiest and scale easily, but can’t fill the edges of the holes so looks bad on thicker extrudes. Also difficult to compute open area, volume, weight. Perf manufacturers publish formulae for that data, so can be plugged into worksheets
  13. Jeremy Best

    Autosave & AI Machine learning

    I was of the impression it did wait until an operation had completed. I recall testing the following scenario… Start drawing a square or a polyline Keep the object in a partially drawn state i.e. don't do the final click Wait for the autosave period to lapse and note whether or not autosave interrupts the formation of the square/polyline In which I didn't get any interruption and (if I recall correctly) as soon as I did the last click the autosave prompt did come up. I've just repeated this test and confirmed Vectorworks performs this way in Vectorworks 2019 SP2. @Patrick Fritsch, what operation types are you doing that autosave can interrupt? And what are each of your Autosave settings?
  14. mjm

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    thanks Jeremy. Found and installed. Can't wait to have a reason to use it.
  15. I've just verified this feature has not yet been added to Vectorworks. (As at Vectorworks 2019 SP2)
  16. mjunderdog1

    hybrid objects can only be rotated...

    Thanks a bunch markdd. I've used you advise and was able to make it work. One other non-related question: recently I did something, where, now, when I change design layer, my top plan view gets moved somewhere away from where the "meat" of my drawing is. It used to not happen in this drawing, nor in previous revisions of this drawing,, but, it did happen in one, or two, other files. I did recently update my Spotlight preferences, as well as sniffing around thru my workspace properties; trying to find answers to the above, as well as other questions. I have a vague recollection of, perhaps, some click-box that specifies where to center the view, but, I can't recollect if that was real, or in some vague hazy, frustration induced dream. Anyone know if that's just an option I inadvertently selected, somewhere? Thanks. Regards, MJ
  17. Benson Shaw

    Site Model Interpolation

    Good thoughts all. I’ll give em a go when I get a minute. I did try the sculpting tool to add vertices. That does work to add vertices, but adds them to clipped plateaus rather than to interpolated positio between source contours. In the process I found that v2018 clipped DTM was mostly I in unclipped in v2019. Not foolproof, but getting better.
  18. Does anyone know why this happens with extrude along path objects in hidden line renders? It is fine in OpenGL as per screenshots below. If I edit the extrude profile & switch it to screen plane, then sometimes the objects reappear only to find them gone again later on. Changing the smoothing angle in background render settings doesn't seem to make any diff. The extrude in this instance is a pipe railing with circles for the profile.
  19. Andrey_E

    Function reference

    Thank you for the link. Include files almost do not contain comments. After working with headers containing doxygen comments it is very frustrating. Is there a reference to class VWParametricObj?
  20. JBenghiat

    Function reference

    http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VCOM:Class_Reference though some of it is outdated and not all functions are listed. Examining the include files and looking at code comments will give you the most information.
  21. Jim Smith

    Property Line Tool

    Thanks Valdo, but this tool just does not work for me. I had been using the tool more or less as you suggested in the past & really never been able to make it work. I've taken your suggestion & not imported the scaled PDF of the survey and after more than an hour my frustration is getting the better of me. The attached illustrates my frustration one may see that the tool is producing segments that have no basis in reality. The set of lines to the right is drawn on a blank file to illustrate the size of the anticipated property lines. The dopey thing on the left is what the property line tool is producing, and I think you can see that the line segment that's nowhere near correct. As you may also be able to see this segment says it's 179.33 M - but it ain't nearly that big. As I said in my first post & you can see from the screen grab I cannot get the tool to produce Azimuth that agrees with the survey call-outs. The tool doesn't work like surveyors work. The East & West survey lines are n7º 53'w but if the tool were to actually accept my inputs properly, to close the survey one would have to start introducing Azimuth that is the OPPOSITE of what is called out on the survey. Thanks for your help, but I'm going to just use lines & text and not waste my time on the tool.
  22. Andrey_E

    Function reference

    Where is located SDK function reference? I cannot find it in downloaded SDK. SDK files contain the only introduction in file SDKManual.pdf and VectorScript reference. Also, I cannot find it on developer.vectorworks.net and on vectorworks.net. Google also cannot find references to certain functions.
  23. Jeremy Best

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    In the Building Shell Toolset: See Vectorworks Help for more info on this tool.
  24. MUD

    Plant list images

    Hi Peter Can you get a report/ worksheet to display the plant detail image? I can only seem to get it to display the symbol - =IMAGE =IMAGE'Plant Record'.'Image Detail'
  25. Yesterday
  26. It's pretty poor that stairs *still* behave like this... this has been highlighted as an issue for ages. It's usually quicker to model stairs from scratch than it is to use the tool as a starting point and then modify.
  27. WesR

    Service Pack 2 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Yep, I've run into it a few times since then. Every time requires restarting Vectorworks before undo works properly again.
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