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  2. Ok, can you explain it to me? What settings would you use to see the counter above a set of cabinets, in a dashed line, light grey. Do I adjust the object display, hidden object display? Is the display set to dashed hidden line, or do I have to manually assign a linetype and colour for the class? Right now I've set everything to dashed hidden line, but all the lines are solid. To your question, the only class not visible in the VP is the nonplot class.
  3. TBD but I’m using an interior wall style as a placeholder for now.
  4. @Ride obvious question but is the 'Border' class visible in the VP? These settings work for me. It is the 'Cut Plane + Display' settings, which are slightly different, that have the bug.
  5. I tried to figure this out a few years ago. See this thread:
  6. What is the construction of the load-bearing wall out of interest?
  7. I feel your pain and have found some inconsistencies which make it even harder to fathom. There is virtually nothing written in the manual. I submitted a bug about this a couple of weeks ago which is being investigated. I hope there will be an answer back soon.
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  9. When one uses the Accessory Insertion tool to place an iris on a Source 4 Lighting Device, the iris gets placed at the front of the light. The following code should move the iris (the only accessory) to the gate position on the S4 Lighting Device. Instead, nothing happens. I'm missing something yet again. PROCEDURE MoveAccessory; {$DEBUG} CONST kcr = chr(13); VAR TheLight :HANDLE; TheAcc :HANDLE; AccNumber :LONGINT; AccIndex :LONGINT; PosX, PosY :REAL; PosRot :REAL; Rot3DX :REAL; Rot3DY :REAL; Rot3DZ :REAL; Pos3DX :REAL; Pos3DY :REAL; Pos3DZ :REAL; VWAccFile :STRING; Index :INTEGER; OK :BOOLEAN; BEGIN TheLight := FSActLayer; AccNumber := LDevice_GetAccCount(TheLight, 0); IF AccNumber > 0 THEN BEGIN AccIndex := 0; LDevice_GetAccPos2D(TheLight, 0, AccIndex, PosX, PosY, PosRot); LDevice_GetAccPos3D(TheLight, 0, AccIndex, Rot3DX, Rot3DY, Rot3DZ, Pos3DX, Pos3DY, Pos3DZ); PosY := 4.01; Pos3DZ := -16.08; LDevice_SetAccPos2D(TheLight, 0, AccIndex, PosX, PosY, PosRot); LDevice_SetAccPos3D(TheLight, 0, AccIndex, Rot3DX, Rot3DY, Rot3DZ, Pos3DX, Pos3DY, Pos3DZ); ResetObject(TheLight); END; END; RUN(MoveAccessory);
  10. Let me revive this thread: i have bought a 3D connexion mouse (just a simple one) and Vectorworks 2021 sp2,1 sometimes drops the connection and stops "using" the 3D mouse input until i restart the app. It works just fine with other apps after VW drops the input... Does anyone have the same problem?
  11. GailC

    Design Layers

    Why do all design layers change to the same view whether top/plan view or front view? If I want both design layers on, but one in top/plan view and the other in front view, how does that work? This just started happening today, so not sure if there's an update that needs to be downloaded. Ok I figured it out. I clicked on "unified view" in the tool bar at the top. All better now! Haha!
  12. I'm using Vectorworks 2021 on Mac OS Big Sur. I'm imported a Kohler sink and an American Standard faucet from the Vectorworks Library, but the symbol is invisible in 3D. I can see it in wireframe and hidden line, but it can't be seen in OpenGL or Renderworks. The faucet is even stranger, because some parts are visible and some aren't. All of them are generic solids. These are the symbols I've had a problem with so far. Sanitary Fixt Am Standard Faucets 4332.001 Sanitary Fixt Kohler Sink K-3943 Sanitary Fixt Kohler Sink K-3936 Sanitary Fixt Kohler Sink K-3821
  13. Can someone please explain the logic around horizontal section viewport visibilities? What I want is to see objects above the cut plane, in a dashed line, in grey colour, or at least a lighter line thickness. I'm drawing a plan section of some cabinets, and I want to see the line of the counter above them. Why is this so difficult to do? I don't understand. I can generally get it work, after about 10 minutes of settings after setting try to change things to dashed hidden line, linetypes, grey colours, etc etc. Object display, hidden object display. C'mon. Must be a better way. In fact right now, I can't get it to work at all. I guess I'll just manually draw it in.... VW2020, SP6 Macbook Pro, mid-2015, Mojave.
  14. this might be over simplified but can you just draw your path to the same length as your material, create 5 extrudes then just snap them to each other?
  15. Ah, you’re right—that’s it! Here’s a screenshot of some test runs I did last night with EAP, and I just increased the smoothing angle. So I can use the round wall tool for the load bearing wall itself, and then EAP the interior finish. I have to EAP a channel for LX anyway, so I’ll just make all the joints at 5’ with 1 profile 😄 Thanks!
  16. What determines the first line type that is chosen by default when you switch the line type from Solid to Line Type in the attributes palette. More importantly, how can I make it be something useful rather than the hilarious one the attributes palette currently prefers?
  17. @JBenghiat Thanks so much that looks Awesome!
  18. No - if you look carefully, I've made the "seam" not at the point where the curves transition into one another - it's deliberately in the middle of one of the curves.
  19. I haven’t come across this issue yet. My grid bubbles are page based so are the same size on every vp. The bubbles auto adjust to the the vp crop.
  20. Exactly! I started out by using wall components but even though I can set the top and bottom height of the interior finish (the brushed metal), I still need to show 5’ panels of prefab material. Otherwise, it just looks like 1 continuous seamless panel. I also need everyone to approve where the seams land in real life. As long as I can accomplish this in HL, I’m good to go.
  21. Yes, you can script this, but take a look at standards files — much easier to manage. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/VW2020_Guide/Structure/Importing_drawing_structure_from_standards_or_other_files.htm#XREF_34272_Importing_Drawing one correction to this — the file does not need to be a stationary (template) file.
  22. So when I design I have a set system for my design layers that I use. I want to know if there is a way that I can automate the creation of them for when I open up a file that I need to design in. Below is the list of Design layers that I use. HOUSE [HOU] - Seating [HOU] - Stage [HOU] - Building - ELECTRICS [ELX] - Reference [ELX] - Special [ELX] - Follow Spots [ELX] - SR Side Wash [ELX] - SL Side Wash [ELX] - Front Wash 1 [ELX] - Front Wash 2 [ELX] - Top Wash 1 [ELX] - Top Wash 2 [ELX] - Back Wash 1 [ELX] - Back Wash 2 [ELX] - Practical [ELX] - SFX + Atmospherics [ELX] - Grid [ELX] - Lighting Positions [ELX] - Circuits -- SENIC [SEN] - Set 2D [SEN] - Set 3D [SEN] - Ground Plan [SEN] - Flys --- REFFERENCE [REF] - Notes [REF] - Reference [REF] - Other ---- MISC [MSC] - Title Block [MSC] - Instrument Key [MSC] - Other
  23. If I understand you're trying to get the curve you want with a seem that meets up with a prefab piece of material correct and that seem does not line up with the seem of the wall?
  24. That makes sense. I'm sure the M1s are entirely different.
  25. I think you are in PPT's first mode. I only use this when preferred second mode fails ! (And do a convert to generic solid afterwards) Normally you can use the 2nd Mode which will just convert higher elements down to generic solids or just edit and keep generic solids ....
  26. Interesting, opened VW but hadn't anything in private/var/vm. Loaded a file and still nothing in /vm/ But I am on M1 Mac, perhaps it sits elsewhere .... I never experienced any RAM or Swap issues with VW on Mac though. Maybe because I always rejected VW's Telemetry ... which seemed to cause issues in the past with overfilling temp files.
  27. Not sure, I found that setting in 2015 or so, when I had 2 separate Walls in a line, because of different heights. At that times the unwanted separating line between them went away. But I think it is pretty likely that rounded walls behave a bit different ... (I was pretty disappointed when first using rounded Walls, that my inserted Window isn't rounded too 😁 )
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