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  2. Thanks Matt, Your file is almost there. What I am after though is bit more complicated. I wish to extract individual components of walls/slabs/roofs objects present in file ...ideally to narrow down to only ones that are seen (on section viewports) on particular sheet. Anyway, but to be able at least call out every single component in drawing would be of huge benefit to me. I just can't to seem find way how point report criteria to select components and show their class attributes (hatch, tile...and class description). Any thought how to dig out these informations? Thanks again.
  3. Arh managed to ungroup highlighted ‘group’ and think I can now delete things. Fingers crossed
  4. @Pat Stanford thanks Pat. I’ve managed to ungroup And delete so I just have group left. Unfortunately I still can’t select anything ?
  5. Go to the Resource Browser. Click New Resource. Choose Script. Name the Palette and the Script.When the Script Editor dialog box opens type in FlipHor; Click OK. Select the Text and double click the script.
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  7. I’d be very interested in this report too.
  8. It does indeed... Good thought though! This isn't something crucial at all, but it'd be nice to figure out. Here's a test file: FlipTextTBB.vwx The goal is to have the text in the upper left readable from the "left" side of the paper, so that when someone rolls up the print the wrong way the sheet number and title are still readable. (Yes it's 'readable' the way it is but it seems backwards) @Pat Stanford I couldn't get the script to work with "Adjust Flipped Text" remaining on, unfortunately.
  9. After that.. where did the opportunity to create an openGL Panorama go?
  10. This drawing is still doing this. Anybody have any ideas? John
  11. Senior Architect / Architectural Designer | Vectorworks | Sydney North Shore | Salary Negotiable About the role The role will involve working on exciting residential projects from initial concept sketch through to construction. You will be working closely with the Senior Architectural Designers and Project Managers in a friendly and collaborative environment. Skills & Experience 5+ years' Australian experience Proficient in Vectorworks VW2016 and above, in particular 3D presentation modelling and documentation Proven experience in residential projects Strong understanding of residential construction methodology Demonstrated capability in conceptual design, construction and tender documentation Good knowledge of Australian residential construction standards A keen eye for detail Ability to work independently and as part of a team Self-motivated with strong organisational skills, able to work under pressure and meet deadlines Excellent communication skills Ability to liaise with consultants Ability to manage your own project Strong knowledge of Council controls & regulation For any questions relating to this role or other opportunities with D&B and our clients please contact Ross Breen on + 61 29376 8200
  12. Sounds interesting. How would you implement that @Pat Stanford? Thanks
  13. FWIW, today one can fit to objects on the same layer.
  14. I may still be able to make it work, I just have not had time to run some tests yet. Perhaps tomorrow.
  15. The content in this thread really needs a dedicated home! Something more, possibly of interest; while trying to find some use based info on the graphics options Apple's offering, I came across this AMD guy instead; Brian Savery, who's starting a series on Pro-Render. Twinmotion Unreal gets a mention in the opening video, which possibly explains why the next version is still pending. When TM 2020 does arrive however, the videos he's promising could be handy for in-depth tips on the renderer underneath.
  16. I'm having an issue in Vectorworks 2019 when exporting the model space to DWG. When I open the file in AutoCAD (or re-import to VW), it seems all walls are converted to 3D polygons. Is there a way to retain them as solids? Other objects (extrudes, generic solids) are coming in as expected. I've attached a screengrab of my export settings and a sample file I've been using to test. I'm able to export walls as solids in other formats (SAT, STL, etc), but then I lose any layer/class information. dwg test.vwx
  17. That's interesting about there not being a call to get the Levels of a Storey. Hmm. Realistically, knowing the way templates will be set up and the way users may work "on the fly", it is conceivable that Levels will created both ways; Some Levels will be added from a template and others will be added manually as needed as planning a project. I very much appreciate you digging into this, Pat.
  18. @Neil BarmanThis is getting harder. There is not a Vectorscript Call to get the levels associated with a Story. I still need to do more testing, but do you always add levels from Level Templates? Or do you sometimes just manually create levels? I think I have a workaround that will work with templates, but I am not certain if I can get manually created levels or not.
  19. How about putting that text block in a sheet layer viewport on its own and turn off the "adjust flipped text" option in the advanced tab......Or does the text need to reference title block data? a hefty workaround but should work?
  20. I am far from an IFC expert, but I don't see a DoorID field in and of the Door IFC psets. There is a field name Tag in the ifcDoorStyle pSet.
  21. Just to expand on Steven's comments. 1. Yes you can use a cell value in the criteria, but you can't do it with criteria builder and you will have to edit the text representation of the criteria by hand. Edit Criteria and then click OK. The Formula Bar at the top of the worksheet will now contain the text version. Click into the formula and edit as necessary. If you were using the LOC criteria, it would look something like =LOC('My Object Name'). Edit it to be =LOC(A1). Now you can put the name of whatever object you want in cell A1 and you will get the objects within that object in the database. 2. I don't think you are looking for Summarize, but rather the formula =Concat. Either always add an extra space at the end of your descriptions or add ,' ', (comma, single quote, space, single quote, comma) between each of the individual field calls. And yes I named my test record dues. 😉
  22. Bumping this post up, as I just posted something identical and was told it was a wish already posted Perhaps the forum moderators can help merge these two posts.
  23. What fonts are you using? The kerning on even the standard text looks odd. Do you have Sketch Rendering turned on?
  24. A one line Vectorscipt of: FlipHor; with unclip or reflip a text (or any other object). I don't know if that will work for your need or not, but I worked on a text block that was flipped (mirrored actually) with Adjust Flipped Text turned off.
  25. When you ungroup you should get three objects. A bitmap of the PDF, a rectangle the size of the page, and a group with whatever vector information is in the file. Delete the bitmap and rectangle. The group may well contain other groups of objects. Many PDF files are not vector based and you will get almost nothing of use from ungrouping the PDF. Or you may get luck and everything you need will be there. You may want to scale the PDF before you ungroup it to get it close to real scale. Find something that you know the dimension of and use the Symmetric By Distance mode of the Scale.. menu item to measure what is there and type in the correct size. Since you probably can't snap exactly on the PDF, you may need to scale again after ungrouping.
  26. Does anyone know of any good tutorials for creating a wall sconces or pendant light fixtures that renders properly? Thank you.
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