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  2. I am new to Vectorworks and after getting the real version of VW, the color palattes are no longer visible... How do I retrieve them? My Resources are quite limited now. Thank for any suggestions.
  3. I use Landscape 2021. I am trying to set some plants into a raised bed which is above the surface of the surrounding area. I have tried everything to set the plant on to of the raised bed soil without success. Could someone help me please. Many thanks KenH
  4. in adition : in explaining the parameters of the advanced properties it says only associated viewport text is changed scale. What is associated viewport text ? thnx
  5. It does not matter. I run my 2 VW 2021 activations on a Mac and a PC. You only need to download the suitable Installer for your desired OS.
  6. How about the ability to pick one of the six bounding box faces to align the text with? This could be the case for all stage deck/plug and stage step objects.
  7. I can't guarantee but so far the M1 replaced the lowest mobile devices and had exactly the same poor port options as their predecessors. Everyone expects the next MacBook Pros, (that were expected to be announced at WWDC !?) will have at least the same specs as the predecessors, like the current 16" Intel, so should also get more ports. The M1 itself does have 2 TB channels but otherwise it is a bit limited in ports. The next M SoC needs to have more lanes and suport more I/O ports. That the current M1 Mac Mini has not 2 TB channels but 4 ports like the new M1 iMac maybe be just a marketing decision. Therefore the silver only option ? But the current space gray Intel Minis with more ports are still sold as the M1 isn't atrue replacement for the top Mini models with lots of ports, lot of user replaceable RAM and capable CPU offers, for now. So it is pretty likely that there will be a next semi Pro Mini with the next M iteration SoC and all the ports the Intels Models had.
  8. I know about the Advanced Options palette. I changed the size to .25 but text scale in the viewport stays the same. Lineweight changes but text doesn't. Is there is setting for text/dimension needed ?
  9. Wall, Slab + Roof Components, in conjunction with the Classes they are assigned to + which control their appearance, are central to my building models. The specifics of the materials the building is constructed from – their name, thickness, unit size + thermal performance, their 2D + 3D appearance (via classes), plus in the case of things like timber framing, the spacing of the studs/rafters/joists – are all bound up in the components within my wall/slab/roof styles. In addition, material take-off calculations are derived by reporting on the same individual components as they are shared across different styles throughout the model. With components being so central, it would be great, when creating new Wall/Slab/Roof styles, to be able to import existing components from other styles into the new style being edited. When you click on ‘New…’ you could have the option of browsing your files + identifying an existing style + selecting a component or components within it to bring into the new style. In a similar way to how layers + classes are imported into a file. There is inevitably a lot of repetition across Wall/Slab/Roof styles, as surfaces + materials are used multiple times in different contexts, and whilst you can create a new style by duplicating an existing one + in that way ‘import’ a number of components (+ therefore classes) into your new style, this only goes half the distance + it would be a really useful + powerful feature to be able to also identify components in other styles + bring them (+ their classes) into the new style as well. This would make things easier + quicker + help ensure consistency. I spend a lot of time clicking through styles, checking how I've set them up, to ensure that new styles are consistent. To examine a style in a closed file to determine the name of a component + what class it's assigned to means you have to open that file or import the resource into the current file. I have not started using Materials yet so am not sure how they affect my argument but I assume it strengthens it, in that not only do you then have a class associated with a component but you also have a Material associated with it as well. So making Components transferable entities in themselves would be even more helpful?
  10. @Zoomer, how do you know a space grey version is coming?
  11. or wait a few months for the M? Mini in space gray, which should have again all ports and be much faster.
  12. Same problem here, I thought it was because my GPU (1660Ti) can't handle 2 27" monitors How much RAM do you have?
  13. Hi Y'all... Pour yourself a coffee and tuck in; this is a long one! I'm having trouble mapping an NDI stream to various LED tiles placed on stage in set carts. The set looks like the following screenshot. All of the display surfaces are LED Screen plugin objects with dimensions and pixels set correctly in the OIP as indicated: The image on the LED screens is set in "Edit Array Image" where a custom texture is selected. Notice that the Scale is set to 50% to get the image to display correctly (the illusion is a stack of TVs with different images). The image used for the texture is only two TVs wide, so this makes sense as applied to the still image in VWX. Changing this scale, however, has no effect on the eventual video mapping problem that we shall see in Vision. I tried exporting MVRs with all of the Scale adjustments in this menu set to 100% and had the same results that are illustrated below. I also wonder what the "Capture Source Name" and "Capture Source Number" are in the "Select Vision Video Source" dialog. These names do not correspond to the names that Vision ends up asking for, and you could put Fred or Ethel in the "Capture Source Name" field and you never see those names come up again throughout the process: But let's not get distracted... OK, so now we move over to Vision, after exporting the LED tiles in their own MVR. The set carts that they travel in get exported as a separate MVR to keep things organized. These two MVRs plus my Amphitheatre MVR merge together in to this model: Let's begin by selecting our first LED array (in this case the 4 tile square array top center) and choosing Assign Video Input: We assign the video input a name: The video input is fed via NDI from a MacBook Pro running Resolume Arena. The NDI monitor on the Vision PC shows a smooth, steady video image in real time: We find the 1920x1080 NDI input that is being scaled by 1/3 to give us a raster of 640x360 for use in Vision. So let's crop the NDI stream! I scaled my 1080 template down to 640X360 in Photoshop to determine the exact corners of every crop and wrote them down (analog, in a notebook with a pencil) because the cropping tool in Vision is rudimentary at best. You can't zoom in on it, there's no grid or snap guide... best to use the tools in Photoshop and write down the pixels. So we get our square crop for our square video surface: And we do it for each of the LED screens in the model: During this process, plan to spend a lot of time looking at this screen, waiting for Vision to "see" the NDI input that it "saw" just perfectly moments ago: Eventually we have created 13 separate crops of the NDI raster and mapped them to our LED screens. And here is the confusing result: Note the different scaling of the crops! Nothing seems to work out right, except the SR High and SL High set carts! The 2wide x 4high carts are the only ones that display the crop faithfully. The Ctr Top crop is perfectly square, mapped to a perfectly square screen. It ends up stretched vertically. Ditto the Ctr Bottom... that one is stretched vertically and doubled. The math certianly does not work for the downstage 3wide x 1high boxes. Playing with the texture scaling and offset in Vision does not help... You can't fix an asymetrical scale as is occuring here. If we use Vectorworks to create an LED screen and send it to Vision, and Vision has the ability to crop an incoming NDI stream, why doesn't this just work? I did try sending the crops from Resolume as separate NDI streams but Vision could not see them as separate. Any help would be appreciated. Getting this model to work will greatly increase the chances that it will be useful to me before we get to rehearsals. Thanks peace aj peace aj
  14. hi, Could you let me know if yours is for Mac or PC? Or Does it not matter?
  15. Your current mini is 9 years old. If you normally keep machines this long, you will want to get the M1 as it will still be supported for close to that long where the Intel Mini will be the very last of the last. If you need more ports, get a thunderbolt dock with the ports you need. A dock plus an M1 Mini will give you a machine that will offer you better performance for longer than anything Intel.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Hello, wondering if anyone is running VW2020 on a Macbook Air M1? It's time to retire my 2012 mini (which currently runs VW2016 with Mavericks). I have a VW2020 licence which I use on Windows, but I want to transition it back to Mac. FWIW, I find I mainly use the 2012 Mini with VW2016 as I prefer the mac OS–but I can't upgrade it to a Mojave or Catalina because VW2016/Mavericks is as far as I dare to go with it for compatibility reasons. I'm also considering an Intel Mini (current) vs the M1 Mini because it has a few more ports - is that such a big deal? It seems though, that the M1 machines are very capable. I currently run 2 x Dell 24" monitors (although I plan to get two 4K monitors in the not-to-distant future). Thanks
  18. Hi I have been getting this same notification on start up except it only says "An error occurred. Please restart the application". and it always happens when I start my MacBook Pro and Vectorworks has not even been opened yet. Please let me know if there is a way I can stop this notification from happening every time I start my computer.
  19. Pat Thanks for the suggestion. It was a good idea. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. The Options/Preferences/Display/Edit Font Mappings doesn't have the option to change from Arial to Graphite. Graphite is in the "to" list, but Arial is not in the "from" list. In any case, the Font name in Object Info is correct. But the font displayed is wrong. So VW knows what it's supposed to be, but doesn't use the chosen font. I can write some text with Graphite as the chosen font, and it displays as Arial. If I then select the text and go to Text menu, then select Graphite, nothing happens. I can change the text to anything, except Graphite. So VW must think that font is corrupted. Yet my word processor doesn't have a problem with it. I'll try to reinstall the font, and see what happens. PS__I downloaded and reinstalled the font, and now VW does recognize it. But I don't know why my word processor had no problem with that font. The problem must have been something subtle.
  20. Hi, Is there any way to change the plant 2D/3D symbols in the resource manager? For example, I want to change various graphics of trees at the moment into the same graphic instead of changing it one by one....
  21. Does it also look correct in standard "Top Plan View" ?
  22. InteriorCAD already showed great usages of profiles for the framed fronts: YouTube Movie So let's make an overall profile function that can be used everywhere! Especially the window tool would benefit from this! Imagine being able to design windows with (complex)profiles in a menu similar to the framed fronts of InteriorCAD, that would be awesome!
  23. I don't remember where the setting is in VW13, probably Vectorworks Preferences. Look for a button that says Edit Font Mappings or something similar. It sounds like you might have imported a file that had Graphite mapped to Arial. Just delete the mapping and it should all go back.
  24. Viewports have an option in the Object Info Palette called Advanced Properties. From there you can set a scaling factor for the text size and different line weights. Set the text scale factor to 5/20 (0.25) and you should have you text the same in both viewports. Text in annotation does not scale, but should enter at the same size.
  25. Yes please! And give us the option to select which views auto update. So that cpu heavy views will not auto update.
  26. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for fixture profiles. I have asked for multiple fixture profiles over the years and have had none of them honored
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