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Managing BCF Data for IFC-based Workflows


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To help manage communications betweencollaborators and software that leverage IFC-based workflows, buildingSMARTInternational has developed a new standard: the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF).In response, software companies have created tools and features that betterenable professionals to benefit from the implementation of BCF data, such asthe BCF Manager in Vectorworks Architect, which gives architects and designersthe ability to directly view and interact with issues reported by collaboratorson other IFC- and BCF-compatible platforms. In this webinar, Jeffrey W.Ouellette, Assoc. AIA, IES, chair of the buildingSMART InternationalImplementation Support Group, will explore the purpose and uses of BCF, as wellas workflows for integrating BCF into existing processes to achieve success.


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The registration page has no place to register or to enter one's information. Please update the page and repost. I'd like to participate but can't register online on your page.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

What browser are you using? Im in Chrome and I see the fields: 



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Missed this! Any chance for a recording for this please!


Checked the service select portal theres nothing on there for this.

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