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Digitally Crafting a Box of Trees: Squam Lake House Case Study


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Alchemy’s Squam Lake house is a practical case study in selecting and using digital modeling tools to design complex geometries, communicating intent, and achieving their practical execution.

The house is metaphorically a box of trees. With an interior entirely of oak, it embraces the spirit of the densely-wooded site. The metaphoric trees bring in light and define spaces, circulation, storage, and a separate boathouse. The house was digitally modeled using BIM software, allowing the house’s envelope and tree forms to be CNC-fabricated. During this course, the BIM and algorithms-aided modeling process will be discussed, as well as the transfer and communication of this information to fabricators.

This session will also address the use of panelized construction as a sustainable construction approach, and the roll of BIM in communicating with the design and build team to meet Passive House Institute standards.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the role of digital modeling and digital fabrication in creating complex geometry to achieve improved daylighting, ventilation, and a connection to the outdoors in the Squam Lake House case study.
  2. Describe the process of achieving Passive House Certification using panelized prefabrication techniques to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality.
  3. Analyze the roll of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in integrating Passive House Institute (PHI) energy standards.
  4. Summarize the utility of scripted algorithms as an iterative design tool.
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