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Design at a Distance: Tools for Remote Collaboration


Event details

Modern design software is a tool for remote collaboration, intuitive visualization, and efficient coordination. With projects around the world, Flansburgh has developed a BIM- centric workflow to work remotely with clients, consultants, and contractors. Vectorworks, our primary architectural authoring software, is the centerpiece of this process. This session will explore VR prototyping with The Wild, 3D visualization with Twinmotion, and coordination with Revizto.

Learning Objective

- Discuss how routine file exchange enables a seamless workflow between multiple design tools.
- Experience VR prototyping to explore design concepts intuitively with remote stakeholders.
- Experience how 3D visualization and VR provide visual feedback for a compelling interactive experience.
- Discover the power of cloud-based issue tracker which allows for real-time project coordination.Register
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