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Lighting Production for ITV’s New Game Show


Event details

Max Conwell from&nbsp:Naked Eye Ltd., will take you behind the scenes of&nbsp:The Void — ITV’s new Saturday night game show. The webinar will demonstrate how Vectorworks Spotlight and ConnectCAD’s clear and concise networking and data layouts were used for the lighting design. When collaborating with the various design departments on the show, multiple file formats were produced. And, in this webinar, Conwell will show how these formats integrated seamlessly into the master Vectorworks file. Today, face-to-face meetings are few and far between, so the clarity of communication in design documentation is vital to a successful production.


Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how easy it is to import and integrate various file formats for project collaboration, including the use of MVR.

  • Learn about ConnectCAD for clarity of control layouts.

  • Learn about best practice for using worksheets and data visualization.

·&nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp: Explore third party plug-ins that work seamlessly with Vectorworks.


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