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Site Planning and Modeling for Architects


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Understanding&nbsp:site conditions and their&nbsp:relationship to the built environment is critical to successful&nbsp:architectural design.&nbsp:Having the ability to accurately&nbsp:represent, coordinate,&nbsp:and integrate site conditions&nbsp:into your workflow will&nbsp:increase opportunities for design and overall project success.&nbsp:Attendees will&nbsp:examine various tools for successful planning and modeling of sites,&nbsp:from&nbsp:the&nbsp:planning phase&nbsp:all the way&nbsp:through&nbsp:to&nbsp:construction documentation.

Learning Objectives:&nbsp:

  • Define the benefits of implementing a&nbsp:GIS&nbsp:at the initial stages of&nbsp:your&nbsp:workflow.

  • Assess how&nbsp:real-time&nbsp:co-integration of site and building design&nbsp:workflows impact the final&nbsp:project.

  • Determine how&nbsp:site modeling&nbsp:best practices can be applied to your firm’s specific workflows.

  • Explore case studies demonstrating successful&nbsp:site planning and modeling.


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