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Residential Interior Drawings: Kitchen


Event details

More than ever, due to COVID-19, people are spending more time at home and therefore have found issues that they want to work on within homes. Kitchens have become a multifunctional space and this webinar will help you work on those little details.&nbsp:


As part of our new webinar series for residential interiors, join Kesoon Chance, industry specialist at Vectorworks, Inc. and Stephan Mönninghoff, co-owner of extragroup, to explore how to get your space design to suit your needs.&nbsp:This webinar will showcase the process of custom designs from conceptual modelling with extrudes, development with the parametric cabinets, and construction details with interiorcad within Vectorworks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the different ways in which Vectorworks and interiorcad can take you through your design stages.

  • Learn the benefits of using interiorcad for detailed custom designs.

  • Examine how Props &amp: Lighting can add to conveying your design.
  • Discuss different approaches to extracting data from your model.

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