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Site Modelling with Vectorworks


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The Site Modelling course is suitable for architects, landscape architects and garden designers.

Sites are rarely flat and you may need to be able to access the impact of a design on a real representation of the terrain. The site modelling tools within Vectorworks Architect and Vectorworks Landmark are extremely powerful and will help you understand how a proposed landscape design of building will sit within the landscape. It will also enable you to gain cut and fill estimates based on your design proposals.&nbsp:


  • Learn how to use your own survey data, or data from a surveyor to create a model of the existing terrain
  • Use the site analysis tools to gain a better understanding of the land before making initial design decisions
  • Use the Site Modifier and Grade tools to create new flat areas, insert new spot heights and reshape contours
  • Create roadways, paths, paved areas, retaining walls and accommodate steps
  • Align design features to the surface of the model, including plants, buildings, and simple roads
  • Report accurate spot levels on the model
  • Create sections of the model
  • Access cut and fill requirements for the whole model or specific areas


It is essential that you already have an understanding of the 3D environment within Vectorworks, and an understanding of 2D/3D hybrid tools within Vectorworks Landmark or Vectorworks Architect. This knowledge can be gained from the following courses:

  • 3D Modelling with Vectorworks
  • Vectorworks Landmark
  • Vectorworks Architect


  • Renderworks


The cost for the Site Modelling course is £295 plus VAT, per delegate, when taken as part of our public schedule. Vectorworks Service Select customers taking this as a public scheduled class will receive a 10% discount on this cost. The discount does not apply to one to one training, company-specific training, or onsite training. Course rate includes tea, coffee, essential chocolate biscuits and snacks. (Special rates for students available if taking this class as a public scheduled class.) Customers, including Vectorworks Service Select customers, seeking one to one, company-specific training, or onsite training, should contact us for a quote.&nbsp:

Register your interest for the Site Modelling course or call us on&nbsp:01635 580318

Please note, this course is Not Included in the Free Virtual Training Offer.


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