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Renderworks Course


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As Renderworks is so completely integrated into the Vectorworks workspace, it is easy to quickly render using standard designs. However, to get the best out of Renderworks, join our one day course and learn how to customise textures, lighting, and render settings to get the very best out of your scene.


  • Use the lighting tools to create light sources in a scene
  • Explore light and shade
  • Apply and map Renderworks textures
  • Create your own Renderworks textures from built in patterns and images of real world materials
  • Use the multitude of different rendering modes to achieve the right look for your design
  • Learn how to customise Renderworks styles to create your own look and feel
  • Use photorealistic and artistic Renderworks modes

Getting the most out of textures and lighting can give you the edge when pitching for design work.

Ideal for interior designers, architects, landscape designers, and lighting and set designers. Renderworks training will take your visuals to the next level and avoid you having to render as a separate process in a separate application.


  • Vectorworks Foundation Course
  • An industry specific course (Vectorworks Architect, Landmark or Spotlight)


The cost for the 1 day Renderworks course is £295 plus VAT, per delegate, when taken as part of our public schedule. Vectorworks Service Select customers, taking this as a public scheduled class, will receive a 10% discount on this cost. The discount does not apply to one to one training, company-specific training, or onsite training. Course rate includes tea, coffee, essential chocolate biscuits and snacks. (Special rates for students available of taking this class as a public scheduled class.) Customers, including Vectorworks Service Select customers, seeking one to one, company-specific training, or onsite training, should contact us for a quote.&nbsp:

Register your interest for the Renderworks course or call us on&nbsp:01635 580318

Not Included in the Free Virtual Training Offer


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