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Open BIM and IFC for Landscape Architecture


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BIM for landscape is possible thanks to powerful softwares being utilized in the landscape design industry today. In Norway, policies have come a long way in ensuring a standard for IFC as we know it today. In this presentation with Åge Langedrag, M.Arch./BIM Specialist Landscape Architecture with Multiconsult, he’ll cover how BIM for landscape has evolved and shaped our way of site design for the last 15+ years, the standardization of open BIM and IFC for landscape, and explore this information in project examples – all the while evaluating design software’s place throughout current workflows.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore projects that have utilized BIM for landscape since 2005 while analyzing successes and flaws.
  • Learn how national standards for BIM for landscape are continuing to develop, providing more support and guidance for practitioners being required to include BIM in their product delivery.
  • Investigate design software that delivers open BIM to landscape professionals.

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