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Virtual Landmark Training - June 14 & 15, June 25 & 26


Event details

Vectorworks Landmark Virtual Training Course

Part 1

6/14 - 6/15 | 1pm to 5:00pm ET

Part 2

6/25 - 6/26 | 1pm to 5:00pm ET


Virtual Training Information

Virtual training offers the Vectorworks Landmark course, with the additional convenience of working from your own computer and the flexibility to determine your own schedule!&nbsp: It offers the same benefits of seeing and communicating with your trainer, while saving you time and travel costs.&nbsp:Virtual training offers the convenience of attending a class led by an industry expert from your own home or office. The content of this virtual, live class will be delivered in a lecture format.

Please note

Those considering beginning classroom training must understand basic drafting concepts, such as plan and elevation projections, scale and actual size, and drawing units. Attendees must also be comfortable with operating either a Macintosh or Windows computer system and understand basic mouse operations such as single click, double click, click and drag, scroll wheel, right click and two click operations. Attendees would also need to know basic keyboard keys such as Spacebar, Tab, Control, Alt, Shift, Delete, Command (Mac), and Option (Mac) keys.

Additionally, attendees must have completed the Core Concepts Training Class or have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of 3D workflows. They should also understand the listed tools, palettes, and workspace environment in Vectorworks software. This includes drawing organization structures such as layers, classes, sheet layers, and viewports, along with understanding the

purpose of the following Vectorworks software palettes: Object Info palette, Basic palette, Attributes palette, Resource Manager, View bar, and the use of the heads‐up display (i.e., Floating Data Display bar).

&nbsp:This is necessary to make sure that you and others in the class have the best training environment and experience possible. If you are not sure if you meet these requirements, please contact your sales representative or the training team.


Course Information

These two-day classes focus on program fundamentals within the context of the Vectorworks Landmark program’s specialized tools and technology. It is intended for those already familiar with the basic operation of Vectorworks software and who work in landscape architecture, design, contracting, or other related design disciplines. The objective of the seminar is to give the participant a basic knowledge of the most important aspects of 2D and 3D drawing, including essential drawing techniques, principles of file organization for common drawing types, creation of planting plans with automated plant lists, and an introduction to site modeling.

Learning Objectives

Site design professionals participating in this training session will:


  • Learn how to organize their drawing files with industry standard conventions and best practice considerations for improved file management and successful collaboration with other design professionals.

  • Utilize both imported file formats and field-collected site data to create base plans and opportunities for other site inventories to be used from schematic design to construction document phases.

  • Accomplish hybrid design processes integrating 2D and 3D represented site elements, such as pavements, structures and plants, which will be used in essential plan documentation and model analysis and presentations.

  • Use built-in worksheet features to aid in material quantification and scheduling, establishing time-saving resources which will be useful in future project assembly.

  • Learn how to quickly create, modify and analyze a 3D site digital terrain model promoting SITESTM&nbsp:objectives for soil and water management.

  • Evaluate the effects of proposed plantings by introducing solar directional light into a 3D site model and producing still views at times recommended by SITESTM&nbsp:to control solar heat gain.

  • Create hydrozones from intelligent polygonal objects capable of reporting water usage, and utilize customizable worksheets to tabulate their water use data for water efficiency as promoted by the US EPA’s Water Smart program and SITESTM.


Vectorworks Landmark Virtual Training: Part 1

6/14 - 6/15&nbsp:| 1pm to 5:00pm ET


Focused on site-specific computer aided design (CAD) program fundamentals, this course prepares practitioners to use Vectorworks Landmark’s specialized tools and technology in their professional site design workflows. It is intended for those already familiar with the basic operation of CAD software and who work in landscape architecture, design, contracting, or other related design disciplines. The objective is to lay a foundation for the most important aspects of 2D and 3D drawing, including essential drawing techniques, principles of file organization for common drawing types, and creation of a landscape plan/model consisting of a base plan, hardscapes, planting, and material schedules such as a plant list.&nbsp:


Vectorworks Landmark Virtual Training: Part 2

&nbsp:6/25&nbsp:- 6/26 | 1pm to 5:00pm ET

This training session will demonstrate how practitioners can reapply the old ideals of sustainability, and the newly recommended ‘Site Design Sections’ by the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES), to current methods of computer aided design. The practical exercises included will emphasize how these site-specific CAD&nbsp:tools enable sustainable design functions such as erosion control, runoff calculations, cut and fill calculations, existing/proposed plant tracking, native plant selections, and sun/shade analysis can be accomplished.


About the Trainer

Eric Gilbey, PLA, ASLA, Prof Member APLD, utilizes his professional experience as a practicing landscape architect and his expertise in CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) in his role as Product Marketing Manager for the landscape industries at Vectorworks, Inc., where he continues to develop an understanding of design and visualization workflows used by land planning and site design professionals. He currently serves as the President-elect for APLD and the Chair of ASLA’s PPC Firm Technology Subcommittee. Eric writes and speaks for several green industry associations and helps landscape architects and designers develop best practices, including sustainable site design and site-specific BIM.

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