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    September 27, 2022 09:00 AM      10:00 AM

    Architects need to produce drawings that are both graphically accurate and full of information, which means that everyday documentation processes need to be adjusted to meet these requirements while saving time and money. In this presentation, you’ll learn how rendering tools and feature sets can be used to enhance the graphic quality of your designs, letting you not only impress your client, but also more accurately communicate your design intent with contractors and project stakeholders.Register

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    September 27, 2022 06:00 PM      07:00 PM

    Algorithms-aided design tools are quickly becoming a standard of the AEC industry. They can bring endless opportunities for customization and automation within your design software and allow you more experimentation and optimization within your designs. Algorithms-aided design can be intimidating to a new user, but the most important thing you need to get started is a problem you want to solve. Once you get started, the true possibilities begin to open up. In this presentation,&nbsp:Sarah Barrett, senior architect product specialist at Vectorworks, Inc.,&nbsp:will discuss some basics of algorithmic modeling, give some examples of scripts that you can build in BIM software, and look at several real-world algorithmic modeling success stories.


    Learning Objectives:
    ·&nbsp: &nbsp: &nbsp: Identify&nbsp:the multiple benefits of using algorithmic modeling within a design and BIM software.
    ·&nbsp: &nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:Describe how algorithmic modeling can be used to create multiple iterations and increase time efficiency within the design process.&nbsp:
    ·&nbsp: &nbsp: &nbsp: Demonstrate how algorithmic modeling can be used to analyze data and optimize designs.
    ·&nbsp: &nbsp: &nbsp:&nbsp:Discover how designers are currently using algorithms-aided design in their work.

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