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    June 23, 2022 06:00 PM      07:00 PM

    Designing landscapes with sustainability in mind is no longer a matter of preference but one of meeting jurisdictional requirements. Site designers are increasingly leaning on design software and online resources to make their current design workflows easier, and also to help meet the new obligations in water-efficient site design. By incorporating the water needs of proposed plants, designing hydrozones for irrigation and calculating water budgets, design applications help you to plan for beautiful landscapes that maximize water efficiency.
    Attendees will:
    Learn how to quickly define hydrozones that report water needs and areas. Recognize how documentation time is saved with pre-built MWELO and EPA worksheets that tabulate a project’s Landscape Water Requirement (LWR) / Estimated Total Water Use (ETWU) and compare to its Landscape Water Allowance (LWA) / Maximum Applied Water Allowance (MAWA). Understand design strategies used to incorporate non-potable water collection elements. Recognize how water needs data can be appended to reusable plant symbols, which can quickly fulfill your LEED/SITES/MWELO compliant proposed landscape plan.


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