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    Sharing your Model with IFC


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    Building Information Modeling, or BIM, authoring software, such as Vectorworks®, allows architects and other professionals within the AEC industry to create complex, data-rich 3D models for the purpose of exploring and documenting a design. This continually growing technology also allows for new ways of sharing information among all consultants on a project. As a result, it is essential to establish an agreed-upon method and file format for information exchange between the different disciplines on a team who are each utilizing different software. In some cases, a traditional 2D line drawing exchange, such as a PDF or DWG, is needed to support those who have not entered the 3D realm. Other times, exchange of only geometry in the form of a 3D DWG may be needed for clash detection and as a background for referencing. However, if the file exchange needs to support Building Information Models and the sharing of geometry and data, then the IFC file format should be considered.


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