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    First, make sure your version of Vectorworks is compatible with Windows 8. You can check this here:



    Run as Administrator


    In Windows 8, Vectorworks should be 'Run as an Administrator'. Not only should you right-click on the Vectorworks icon and choose Properties > Compatibility tab and check the box that reads “Run this program as an Administrator” but you should also make sure under this same menu that you press “Show settings for all users” and check “Run this program as an Administrator” under here as well, regardless of whether this user is going to use another account or not it helps. Reboot the machine, then restart Vectorworks.

    If you receive an error message when you launch Vectorworks that QuickTime is not installed, this will normally correct it as well. 



    Check for Driver Updates


    It is important to verify with ANY version of Windows, (however much more important on machines that were not originally shipped with Windows 8 or upgraded from a previous version of Windows,) that hardware components in the Device Manager be checked for driver updates. For this, you must of course be connected to the internet.


    To do this:


    Start > Search Apps > Device Manager


    The most important drivers to check are: · Display Adapter · Sound · Universal Serial Bus controllers for HASP


    To check for updates, right click on each item in its subcategory, and then choose “Update Driver Software” then “Search automatically for updated driver software.” Reboot the machine, then restart Vectorworks.


    See: Updating Drivers


    Firewall warnings after first launch of Vectorworks


    There are two components of Vectorworks that may ask for permission to access the network through your Windows Firewall (if it is enabled) The first component is the Vectorworks executable itself. Make sure to check both Private and Public networks, then click "Allow Access:"



    The second component is the CineRender application that powers the Renderworks module. Make sure to check both Private and Public networks, then click "Allow Access:"


    B Series / Dongle versions of Vectorworks


    To use a local dongle version of Vectorworks, make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the dongle driver listed here for Windows:



    The driver should be installed with Vectorworks closed and the dongle unplugged from the USB port. Once the driver has installed successfully, plug the dongle back in and wait until the dongle lights up red. This can take up to 5 minutes the first time you plug it in after the new driver has been installed.

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