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  • Vision 4 Update Procedure - Vectorworks 2016

    PVA - Jim



    Step 1: 


    Double-Click Vision 4 Update on the desktop, or VisionUpdater.exe in /Program Files/Vision 4/ 
    Double-Click Addplugins.exe in /Program Files/Vision 4/ 
    Select Vectorworks 2016 and allow install to finish and updater to run. 

    Double-Click VisionUpdater.app in /Applications/Vision/ 
    Double-Click Addplugins.app in /Applications/Vision/ 
    Select Vectorworks 2016 and allow install to finish and updater to run. 

    Step 2 - Adding Plugins to Vectorworks 2016: 


    In Vectorworks, select Tools>Workspaces>Spotlight to switch to the spotlight workspace. 
    Select Tools>Workspaces>Edit Current Workspace 
    Drag a new menu to the right window and name it ESP or ESP Vision (can be anything) 
    Expand the ESP Vision tree on the left and drag the plugins to the new menu you created in the previous step. 
    Click OK. 

    Step 3 - Adding ESPSymbols_2016.vwx as a New Favorite File: 

    In the Resource Browser click the arrow next to Files, and select Add New Favorite Files 
    Navigate to /Program Files/Vision 4 for PC or /Applications/Vision/ for MAC and select ESPSymbols_2016.vwx 
    Note: Don’t move the symbols to a separate folder, they need to stay in the Vision root folder to be updated via the updater. 

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