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  • Upgrading to Professional from an Evaluation License

    PVA - Jim

    If you are looking to download and install the 30-day trial of Vectorworks, see this link:



    If you are using Vectorworks 2014 or prior, see THIS ARTICLE.

    If you are using Vectorworks 2015 or later and your trial has not yet expired, see option A. If your trial has already expired, see option B.

    A) If your trial has not yet expired...

    During the 30-day Evaluation period, you may at any time decide to purchase Vectorworks. Upon doing this, you will be sent a new serial number, it will look similar to this:


    To enter this new serial number in your already installed copy of Vectorworks, go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences


    Under the "Session" tab, choose "Serial Numbers"



    Click the EVAL serial number and choose "Remove", afterwards choose "Add" and enter your new serial number. Press "Add" again when complete. You should see your new serial number and activated products listed to the right:




    Restart Vectorworks, your copy will now be a professional and will no longer expire.

    The first time you launch Vectorworks, you may see a message that your workspace is being switched. This will occur if for instance you were using the Designer workspace in the evaluation and you only purchased Fundamentals. This will only occur the first time you launch Vectorworks after changing the serial number.


    B) If your license of Vectorworks is not the complete Designer with Renderworks, please follow the instructions below...


    You will have to uninstall Vectorworks completely and then reinstall with your new serial number:


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