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  • Site Protection Server - Required Ports


    Site Protection Server licenses (Previously known as G Series Licenses) need the following ports to be open on the license server:


    1947 (Dongle)

    5053 (Port for the RLM)

    5054 (Web Access for RLM)

    Random Open Port (ISV)* --- This is 49185 in the below screenshot:




    * The Random Open Port can be specified in the license file. To specify this port, Open your license file (.lic) in a text editor. The license file is found in the Site Protection Server folder on the host machine. On the line where it says ‘ISV vektorwrx’ which is just a few lines down, type right after it ‘port= [your port number]’. You can choose which port that you know is open and assign it for the license server.


    So for example for port 5555 the line would read ‘ISV vektorwrx port= 5555’.


    Save the change to the license file, then restart the license server so that it reads the change.

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