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  • Activation Fails - Communications Problems (Mac OSX Only)

    Jim Wilson

    In some network configuration, when attempting to activate Vectorworks, you may encounter this error message:


    This is primarily caused by a Proxy server or a Firewall, either locally or on your network. 

    However, in some instances, going to Apple > System Preferences > Network > Ethernet (Or AirPort, normally) > Advanced > Proxies and unchecking the option for "Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV)" will resolve the issue:

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    User Feedback

    Hi - I am having a the same issue but using Vectorks 2013 on windows 7 on a standalone machine not connected to our domain. I have added a proxy address to allow web access but every time I try to activate it I get the error. The user has been using it fine up until now. 


    Can anyone offer any assistance please? 

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