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    The Leather Shader


    The Wrapped Leather Shader.

     The settings included with this shader provide the flexibility to create a variety of textures. Not only can the shader be used to create leather surfaces, it can can be combined with other shaders to create dried mud textures, gravel textures, and even water textures. 




    Two notable settings that control the appearance of the leather shader are Irregularity and Curve Amplitude. The Irregularity parameter changes the appearance of the cells that make up the leather pattern, from perfect squares to irregular polygons. The Curve Amplitude parameter changes the look of the cell borders, from straight to curvy. 


    A gravel texture can be created by using the leather and granite shaders together. The granite shader colors should be set to be the same or very similar. 


    A mud and dried mud texture can be created using the leather and marble shaders together. The marble shader should be set to low detail. 





    A water texture can be created with the leather shader alone. To get a water texture with larger waves, increase the Fold Detail parameter setting. Smaller ripples are achieved by decreasing the amount of Fold Detail.

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