Some customers have reported problems with Vision 2019 & 2020 rendering lights on macOS. The problems are caused by a macOS driver error related to Nvidia graphics cards. We have been in official communication with Apple about this issue, which they have acknowledged; they have not yet provided an estimate for resolution. Until then, we suggest the following temporary solutions:   Recommended: Use Boot Camp software to install Windows on your computer, to enjoy the full performance of Vision 2019 and your Nvidia graphics card.   Alternatives: If possible, exchange your Nvidia graphics card for an AMD graphics card. For computers with both integrated and dedicated graphics cards, shut off the dedicated Nvidia graphics card by downloading an application called gfxCardStatus ( Note that Vision 2019 & 2020 does not fully support integrated graphics cards, so performance may decrease significantly.    We are urging Apple to address this issue, and we apologize for the inconvenience.   Please contact with any questions.