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  • Vectorworks 2023 Service Pack 2 Available for Download


    Vectorworks, Inc. has released its second Service Pack (SP2) for the Vectorworks 2023 product line. This update includes the following new features, improvements, and bug fixes.


    New Features

    • New content is available for data visualization, and for TV and film customers in the UK
    • Vectorworks supports importing from, and exporting 3D geometry to, Revit 2023
    • Architect and Landmark customers can send objects on any visible design layer to the site model surface
    • In ConnectCAD, you can now attach an adapter to a socket with a drag and drop operation


    Improvements and Fixes

    • General improvements:
      • Fixes problems with missing icons when switching workspaces, and issues with context menu item display after customization
      • Fixes issues with line endpoint markers and class visibilities on Windows
      • On the macOS, palettes remain properly docked; fixes issues with the Home Screen
      • Improves the export of SIA dimensions to DXF/DWG/DWF, offering additional control
      • Improves the selection of a color with the color selector eyedropper
      • Improves palette display on 4K monitors
      • The texture thumbnail remains displayed after editing symbols
      • Resolves issues when rendering imported meshes and glow textures
      • Improves rendering workflows between Vectorworks and Twinmotion, Enscape, Cineware, and Redshift
      • On Ventura, improves the shaded rendering time for viewports
      • Fixes the display of equipment item labels In ConnectCAD
    • Architect improvements:
      • Reshaping structural members is significantly enhanced
      • Walls import without issues from previous versions of Vectorworks
      • Fixes the 3D display of windows in walls when the wall includes end caps
    • Landmark improvements:
      • Resolves issues with site model updating and with hardscapes
    • Spotlight improvements:
      • Fixes problems when duplicating a lighting device with GDTF geometry
      • Pillars, floors, and slabs now export properly to MVR
      • Applies industry-standard nomenclature to power sources, distributors, and consumers
      • Fixes Lightwright data exchange for certain customized multi-cell lighting devices
      • Deletes loads when associated lighting devices are deleted
      • Updates hoist origin data properly after the hoist is moved


    For a full list of fixes and improvements in this update, please visit this page.


    Installing the Service Pack

    This service pack is available as a downloadable updater for all U.S. English-based versions of Vectorworks 2023. To install the service pack, please select Check for Updates from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows).

    Contact us at tech@vectorworks.net if you have any technical questions or problems during this process.

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    User Feedback

    Hi there,


    I'm in Australia, and there are not any updates when I do "Check for Updates". I have SP1 installed and I'm after a fix for the issue where images attached to a plant record (Landmark) are lost (apparently fixed in SP2).


    Is there a way to download and install/test SP2?


    Kind Regards,


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    6 hours ago, Etienne_Mallee said:

    Is there a way to download and install/test SP2?


    Unfortunately no.


    You can not install VW US SP on a localized version.

    They need their own adapted SP version.

    Which usually arrives about 2 weeks after the US SP.

    (E.g. it does for the VW German release)

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    • Administrator
    On 11/27/2022 at 11:16 PM, Etienne_Mallee said:


    I'm in Australia, and there are not any updates when I do "Check for Updates". I have SP1 installed

    I got word that is NOW available. Please Check for Updates, again.

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    Dear, will there ever be an SP version for the MacPro's 5.1 that do not support AVX.  My MacPro 5.1 works perfectly with version 2022 under BigSur. Too bad there was no announcement from the software developer, that AVX support is absolutely necessary. The problem is in the CineWare folder which is structured differently. The integration of RenderWorks and Redshift runs differently in VW2023 ! I know that the close cooperation between CPU and GPU is important for fast rendering and so it will be a necessity in the long run.
    It would please many if there is a subversion of VW2023 that runs for one more year on older computers. That way we are able to look forward to a new Mac. Today, most new MacPro's or Mac Studio are hard to come by with the effects of the conflict in Ukraine.

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    Shame that my Mac Pro 2.1 is no more supported,


    by Apple since years (oh that 32 bit EFI first generation problem)

    and Vectorworks 2015. Why do they need more than 512 MB VRAM

    for larger files.


    Sarcasm aside, I have some understanding for Vectorworks.



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    Sarcasm .... ?
    I understand that we can't keep working with older material forever, but we could have been told about this 1 year ago. And there is nothing announced about AVX either, only that it would still work under BigSur.
    Obviously it has to move forward.
    Hopefully there will be a 5.1 minded SP intermediate version for V2023 though ?
    Without CineWare, V2023 works fine on this old Mac. 

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    • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

    Big Sur (macOS 11) is the minimum OS for Vectorworks 2023 and is not supported by Apple on the Mac Pro 5,1.  To install macOS 11 on the Mac Pro 5,1 requires some special tricks.


    I am looking for where to add the AVX requirement to the system requirements document, but the minimum OS requirement is also a factor here related to support for Mac Pro 5,1 from 2010-2013.


    AFAIK the late 2013 Mac Pro which does support macOS 11 is the "trash can" model and a completely different generation than 2010-2013 5,1.

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    10 hours ago, AWDC LAO said:

    Sarcasm .... ?



    OK, it was bad, sorry.


    But I had my Mac Pro 2.1 8 core for 8 years, because nothing

    really noticeably faster came until 2012 with the latest MP 5.1. 

    When I wanted to upgrade, Cheese Graters where no more sold here for

    some electricity security regulations and Apple promised a new much better

    Mac Pro being in Apples pipeline.

    But there came a only a Trash Can which I tried to avoid or hope for an update.


    Until I had a project in 2015 that did no more fit in my 512 MB VRAM and was

    terrible lagging. So I was forced to buy a Trash Can. Which I had to run for

    another unexpected 6 years.


    As there is still nothing comparable to our cheese graters offered.

    (Mac Studio has the MP price, but is still not the machine that is the

    fastest universal workstation that you can buy for the next 6 months,

    until PC workstations followed, but for a higher price, as it was in 2007)


    So i completely understand that you keep your Cheese Grater running.


    But if the problem is really AVX, I am not sure if hacking macOS Big Sur

    on it would really help. Or is AVX hardware independent and needs just

    OS support ?



    But overall, as a (switched) Mac user,

    I realized and accepted that you need to keep everything current,

    Apple Hardware + Apple OS + Software.


    As Apple is not as legacy friendly as Windows.

    And I think even late Windows 10s or 11 is no more like Windows was

    in the past in this regard.

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