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  • Vectorworks 2022 Service Pack 6 Available for Download


    Vectorworks, Inc. has released its second Service Pack (SP6) for the Vectorworks 2022 product line. This update includes the following improvements and bug fixes.


    Improvements and Fixes

    • Restores the appearance of the cursor when adjusting the width of docked palettes (macOS Ventura)
    • Fixes the False criterion issue in worksheet formulas
    • Resolves issues when converting walls from Vectorworks 2021 to Vectorworks 2022
    • Fixes application problems when exporting Vectorworks project files to IFC


    For a full list of fixes and improvements in this update, please visit this page.


    Installing the Service Pack

    This service pack is available as a downloadable updater for all U.S. English-based versions of Vectorworks 2022. To install the service pack, please select Check for Updates from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows).


    Contact us at tech@vectorworks.net if you have any technical questions or problems during this process.

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