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  • Vectorworks 2020 SP3 Available for Download - Update SP3.1


    Vectorworks, Inc. has released its third Service Pack (SP3) for the Vectorworks 2020 product line.

    This Service Pack includes:


    • A large number of performance improvements
    • Partner integrations with Enscape and NBS Chorus
      • NBS Chorus is a benefit of Vectorworks Service Select membership
    • Improved performance and quality fixes in Vectorworks Spotlight
    • BCF improvements that offer greater BIM collaboration
    • With an active membership in Vectorworks Service Select, you now have the ability to stylize images with machine learning in the Vectorworks Cloud Services portal


    Many of the improvements are focused on the following areas:


    Vectorworks Designer: This Service Pack includes partner integrations with Enscape and NBS Chorus, as well as improved performance and quality fixes in Vectorworks Spotlight, and BCF improvements that offer greater BIM collaboration.


    Vectorworks Spotlight: This Service Pack includes quality fixes from the reengineering of lighting devices and their Schematic Views, improving file open time and performance. Further, enhanced GDTF support streamlines the MVR workflow. For additional information about workflow and performance improvements in Vectorworks Spotlight 2020 SP3 click HERE.


    Vectorworks Landmark: This Service Pack includes fixes to the Site Model and Hardscapes. When you place plant objects in your design, it will now show plant tags automatically.


    Vectorworks Architect: This Service Pack includes partner integrations with Enscape and NBS Chorus, as well as BCF improvements that offer greater BIM collaboration.


    Vectorworks Fundamentals: This Service Pack includes a new pattern importer from the Mosa Pattern Generator online tool, performance updates, and speed improvements for opening files.


    Vectorworks Cloud Services: With an active membership in Vectorworks Service Select, you now have the ability to stylize images with machine learning in the Vectorworks Cloud Services portal.


    NEW Partner Integrations:


    Real-time Rendering Connection with Enscape for Vectorworks Free Beta:


    In keeping with Vectorworks’ dedication to integrating new technology that brings direct benefit to customers, we have teamed up with Enscape, providers of real-time rendering and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions. Enscape goes beyond other real-time rendering applications by developing plugins that work directly inside Vectorworks, so users can accurately gauge the impact of their design decisions as they are being made. Enscape is providing a free beta plugin to all Windows users in the Vectorworks 2020 Service Pack 3.


    The plugin provides a suite of Enscape rendering tools inside Vectorworks which can control the visualization in Enscape. As geometry, lighting, textures, or views are changed or added in Vectorworks, users will see these changes in real-time in Enscape. For easy virtual reality, the Enable/Disable VR Headset tool connects Vectorworks models directly to a VR headset like Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive with little to no setup.


    NBS Chorus Building specifications integration:


    The NBS Chorus integration enables users to access and dynamically link their models to the NBS online specification database, keeping the model as the central source of project information. Users will be able to open a web palette in Vectorworks, letting them work concurrently with their model and NBS Chorus. Any data modified in NBS Chorus via the web palette will update in the data record of the model, ensuring accurate and up-to-date specification information is accessible at all times from the model. The NBS Chorus integration is another step in creating a holistic BIM environment within Vectorworks.

    *NBS Chorus integration is available to users of Vectorworks Design Series products with an active membership in Vectorworks Service Select and an active NBS license.


    Additional fixes and improvements included in SP 3.1

    • Esri login dialog box not functional
    • Stairs and plants not showing in NBS Chorus
    • Additional stability improvements


    This Service Pack is available as a downloadable updater for all U.S. English-based versions of Vectorworks 2020. To install the Service Pack, please select "Check for Updates" from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows). For a full list of improvements in the 2020 SP3 update, please visit this page


    Contact us at tech@vectorworks.net if you have any technical questions or problems during this process.

    To learn more about this announcement, read our press release here.


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    User Feedback

    If you're a Mac using architect nothing too exciting here. What happened to the hoped for Twinmotion plug in? I'm starting to feel forgotten by Vectorworks...

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    • Administrator
    10 minutes ago, Andrew Pollock said:

    What happened to the hoped for Twinmotion plug in?

    We are working with Epic Games to connect Vectorworks with Unreal Studio, Twinmotion, and any other Unreal-based applications.  Ready for the 2021 cycle.

    @Andrew Pollock follow the conversation about real-time rendering HERE

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    Thanks Juan. I'll stay tuned. It just seem sometimes VW, which was once a Mac only platform for architects is morphing into primarily a lighting designers tool that can't play too nicely with the many changes that Apple keeps throwing into the mix.

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    • Administrator

    @Andrew Pollock We are fully committed to provide our users with the connection to Twinmotion as soon as possible. This is the latest info I got  from our R&D team. "We’ve been working with Epic Games to have a send to Twinmotion option for Vectorworks users. We have it squarely on our roadmap. Timing is highly dependent on Epic Games.” 

    I will keep you posted.


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    How does the NBS addition work - i can't see how to get started with it. Potentially extremely useful!

    Edited by nick lawrence
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    You need to customise  your workspace and add command 'enable NBS chorus'. After that you can enable connection and after application restart vw  web palette to sign in page is active.

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    • Administrator

    @Andrew Pollock Go ahead and restart your computer and launch Vectorworks again and click on Check for Updates. If still comes up as you are up-to-date with SP2 please contact tech@vectorworks.net we can help you to get SP3 installed.

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    The Enscape plugin works a treat! The integration of the Escape panel as tool set is easy to use, it would be great to see this plugin enabled for Mac too.

    By the way, found the interface way simpler than Lumion's one.




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    I have spent the last week looking at Lumion, Twinmotion, Renderworks, Unity and now Enscape.  I included a couple of links to some test projects for comparisons.  

    With Enscape and Lumion, I would have to say having a live link to your rendering is useful and both handle walkthrough video really well. 

    The Oculus test in Enscape worked perfectly and was really easy to set up.  Time to design in VR!

    Enscape ...See first link below..

    Lumion has some excellent materials and assets.  Lumion ..Second link

    It is possible with Unity to export revisions to your model, but then you have to reapply materials.  By far the winner for features and access to amazing assets.  see third link below.   

    Twinmotion is the best value, and with an FBX import most of VW geometry works. (materials will need to be 2 sided).  Program kept crashing, gave up on getting a rendering.


    Exciting times to finally have an option to Renderworks.   





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    Hello, I upgraded to Big Sur and have Vectorworks 2019, I didn't realise it wasn't compatible. I can't afford to upgrade to 2021. Any advice? 

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