The following is an index of various hardware that we in User Success have had in our possession and have tested personally. The purpose of this list is to give users an idea of what hardware will and won't provide them with a good experience when using Vectorworks. This is NOT the same as the minimum hardware requirements, which can be found HERE. More details about the specific hardware components in your machine and how they affect Vectorworks can be found HERE.   An explanation of the charts below, click to expand:   Cinebench can be downloaded HERE and run on your machine for comparison.   The GPU score will give you a clear idea of how well you can expect Vectorworks zooming, panning, sheet layers and OpenGL to perform, we have given this an anecdotal ranking from our experience in the OpenGL Performance column.   This list is sorted by CPU score, indicates the Renderworks capability of the various tested hardware ranked from extremely poor to one of the best CPUs available in a consumer desktop:     A machine from the list above with a CPU score of 1265 can be expected to render scenes nearly twice as fast as a machine with a score of 627, for example.