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  • Apple macOS 10.14 Mojave Compatibility

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    Vectorworks, Inc. has released its second Service Pack (2019 SP2) for the Vectorworks 2019 product line as well as a fifth Service Pack (2018 SP5) for the Vectorworks 2018 product line. Among a number of enhancements, Vectorworks 2019 SP2 and 2018 SP5 fix major bugs introduced with Apple’s recent release of macOS Mojave.


    We have reported all remaining macOS Mojave issues uncovered in our testing to Apple. The last remaining known issues are primarily related to printing. These issues have been submitted to Apple; however, some of them may require driver updates from various hardware manufacturers. These issues affect Vectorworks but are not directly related to it.


    December 13, 2018 – Vectorworks 2018 SP6 was released. This service pack brings 2018 in line with the compatibility available in 2019 SP2


    November 20, 2018 – The following issues specific to macOS Mojave have been fixed in Vectorworks 2019 SP2:

    • Graphics anomalies with custom pop-up controls
    • Working Planes palette turns gray, making working plane items invisible
    • Resource Manager title bar turns black and the dialog also flashes black
    • Color change when pasting to older versions of Vectorworks (Workaround: Use File > Export to export to the previous version instead of copy/pasting)


    October 26, 2018 - Fixes in Vectorworks 2019 SP1 and Vectorworks 2018 SP5 specific to macOS Mojave:

    • Significantly improved performance and responsiveness
    • Corrected numerous issues related to screen redraw and flickering ● Corrected problems with snapping and constraints, including usage of Shift as a constraint hotkey
    • Corrected a number of Object Info Control issues
    • Introduced numerous stability enhancements


    Remaining known issues related to macOS Mojave:

    • Printing problems with worksheet cell images
    • Printing problems with transparency (Workaround: Export to PDF or Image, then print the resulting export)


    Vectorworks 2017 & earlier:

    If you use a version of Vectorworks that was released prior to Vectorworks 2018, we recommend that you DO NOT upgrade your operating system, because critical bugs were introduced in the release of macOS Mojave that will affect the performance and stability of Vectorworks.


    For more information on 2019 SP2 please Click Here.

    For more information on 2018 SP5 please Click Here.


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