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  • Vectorworks 2023 Service Pack 7 Available for Download


    Vectorworks, Inc. has released its seventh Service Pack (SP7) for the Vectorworks 2023 product line. This update includes the following quality improvements and updates that enhance your everyday experience with Vectorworks 2023.


    Important Enhancements

    • General
      • Improves general stability.

      • Resolves an issue that caused annotations in graphic legends to rotate or disappear unexpectedly.

      • macOS Sonoma (available to the public fall 2023)

      • Testing for Vectorworks’ compatibility on macOS Sonoma 14 Beta5 is ongoing. For more information, please visit this page.

      • Restores the expansion of collapsed (window-shaded) palettes on macOS Sonoma.

    • Spotlight
      •  Resolves a Vision installer issue with legacy drivers. New installations of Vision can use the MA2net.
    • ConnectCAD
      • Changing circuit cables no longer resets the circuit graphics to their default.


    For a complete list of improvements in this update, please visit this page.


    Installing the Service Pack

    This service pack is available as a downloadable updater for all U.S. English-based versions of Vectorworks 2023. To install the service pack, please select Check for Updates from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows).


    If you have any technical questions or problems during this process, please submit a support request in the customer portal.

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    User Feedback

    I this SP actually live? It showed up in the Message Centre and its listed here, but neither Vectorworks' check for updates command or the updater app see it's available.




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    9 hours ago, Tom W. said:

    I downloaded it via the Updater app after noticing the Message Centre message yesterday 

    Interesting. Vectorworks is still saying its up-to-date.


    I just tried through the Updater again. After clicking "Reset" or something like that under Advanced Options it appeared. Before that the status said the update channel was set to "beta" and clicking Check for updates under Advanced Options said I was up-to-date. @MikeVW there may be a bug here somewhere.




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    19 hours ago, Archistyles said:

    Vectorworks 2023 keeps crashing after downloading SP7. Never before!!

    Mac OS 13.5.1

    Any one experiencing this?


    @Archistyles—I too am on Mac OS 13.5.1, but (fingers x'ed) all good here so far.

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