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  • QuickTime removal from Vectorworks 2015 (Windows Only)

    PVA - Jim

    QuickTime has been required for Vectorworks on windows operating systems for many years. As of Vectorworks 2015 this is no longer the case. The main reason for the removal of QuickTime dependence was the conversion of Vectorworks to a 64bit application, which was not possible while utilizing the 32bit-only QuickTime on Windows.

    For the large majority of users, this change will not affect regular use other than Vectorworks becoming more stable. However, it does mean a change in the video export options for the Create Animation command:

    In Vectorworks 2014 and prior:
    Mac and Windows:
    Format: .mov (QuickTime) 
    Compression: Animation, DV-PAL, DV/DVCPRO-NTSC, DVCPRO-PAL, H.264, JPEG2000, MPEG4 Video, None, Photo-JPEG, PNG, Video

    In Vectorworks 2015 and later:
    Format: .mov (MPEG4)
    Compression: H.264

    Windows 7 and 8:
    Format: .mov (MPEG4)
    Compression: H.264

    Windows XP and Vista: 
    Format: .avi (audio Video Interleave)
    Compression: MJPEG ( Motion JPEG) 

    By and large, these changes will go unnoticed. You can still use QuickTime Player to view exported animations from all versions of Vectorworks. If you are looking for an option other than QuickTime Player, we in Technical Support recommend VLC media player.  

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