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    How to display two types of units in a Dimension object

    PVA - Jim

    Dimension objects can be set to display one or two sets of units. For instance, you may wish to show both Imperial and Metric units for all dimension objects.

    To show more than one unit, you will need to crrate a custom Dimension Standard that includes two different sets of units. To do this:

    1) Go to File > Document Settings > Document Preferences. From the Document Preferences dialog box, click the Dimensions tab, and then click Custom. 

    Alternatively, with any one of the dimension tools in the Dims/Notes tool set selected, open the Dim Std menu on the Tool bar and select Custom Standards from the list. Or, with an existing dimension selected, open the Dim Std menu on the Object Info palette and select Custom Standards from the list. The Custom Dimensions dialog box opens. 


    screen shot 2013-10-07 at 2.21.11 pm.png

    2) Click New. The Assign Name dialog box opens. 

    3) Enter a name for this dimension standard and click OK. 

    4) Select the new dimension from the Standards list and click Edit. The Edit Custom Dimension Standard dialog box opens. 

    5) Near the bottom right, next to Layout, choose either "Dual Side by Side" or "Dual Stacked" and set the Dual View setting to "Both" then click OK. Click OK again to close the Custom Dimensions dialog box. 


    screen shot 2013-10-07 at 2.19.09 pm.png

    6) To set the new standard as the default for the document, select the new standard from the Dimension Standard list, and then click OK. 

    7) Once set, you can then go to File > Document Settings > Units, then under the second tab, youll be able to set the parameters for the secondary dimension just as you can for the primary one.


    screen shot 2013-10-07 at 2.18.38 pm.png

    Dimensions that were already drawn can be converted to this new dimension standard by selecting them, then changing their "Dim Std" value in the Object Info Palette.  

    Edited by JimW

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