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  • Dongle Policy Update


    With the release of Vectorworks 2023 on September 14th, Vectorworks no longer supports Series-B dongle licenses.
    We have made this decision to provide a better user experience for Vectorworks software based on the following issues:

    • Increased reports of lost and stolen dongles.
    • The lack of availability of replacement dongles in cases of damage or technical defect.
    • The declining availability of computers being manufactured with USB-A ports.
    • Increased incompatibility of the dongle drivers with the latest versions of computer operating systems.
    • Increased support cases related to the classification of dongles as malicious software by (automatically updating) antivirus programs.
    • Increased support cases related to users forgetting their dongles and needing access to Vectorworks from another location.

    We have chosen to standardize our E-series software that doesn't require dongle hardware as it eliminates these challenges and provides a more seamless solution for users.


    E-series FAQ

    • Do I need to be permanently connected to the internet to work with Vectorworks?
      • No, a constant connection to the internet is not necessary. An internet connection is required to activate the license at the time of installation and regularly pings our activation server to renew its certificate. At a minimum it must have internet access every 90 days.
    • Can I work offline with the E-series license, and for how long?
      • Yes, you can work offline without restrictions for 90 days. If a connection to the internet is available within those 90 days, Vectorworks checks the validity of the license and sets the certificate's expiration date back to 90 days.
    • How can I know how many days I can still work offline?
      • o   You can see the number of days left for working without an internet connection in the Vectorworks Preferences: Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences>Session>Serial Numbers>License info







    • How can I move from a dongle license to an E-series license?
      • If your license is part of a Service Select maintenance agreement, you will be automatically prompted to make the switch at the time of your upgrade to Version 2023.
      • If your license is not a part of a Service Select maintenance agreement you can request this switch by contacting us at sales@vectorworks.net or through your local distributor.


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