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  • Exporting to Maxon Cinema4D (.C4D)

    PVA - Jim

    For Cinema4D versions r13 and later, Vectorworks with Renderworks is capable of both Exporting to the .C4D file format, as well as a function "Send to Cinema4D" which will launch the Cinema4D application directly, then give you the option to create either a completely new project or to merge into the currently active project.

    These commands can be found under:

    File > Export > Export to Cinema4D


    File > Send to Cinema4D

    Vectorworks will export either the current active layer, or if you are using a Design series version of Vectorworks; all objects included in Unified View, if Unified View is enabled. A “Vectorworks Scene” is created within the CINEMA 4D project. Vectorworks layers are exported as container objects in the scene hierarchy. Vectorworks classes become CINEMA 4D layers, allowing visibility to be controlled across the scene. Layer names, object names, and object types are preserved.

    Vectorworks and Cinema4D Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Does Vectorworks or Renderworks include a copy of Cinema4D?

    A: No. Vectorworks Renderworks uses the rendering engine from MAXON, but does not include a full copy of Cinema4D in addition to Vectorworks. A trial version of Cinema4D can be obtained HERE.

    Q: Can I export to Cinema4D without Renderworks?

    A: In Vectorworks 2013 and later, Yes. (In Vectorworks 2012 and prior; No - Renderworks must be installed in order to access the Export to Cinema4D functions.)

    Q: Do all the renderworks texture export directly from Vectorworks to C4D

    A: Yes, all Renderworks Textures, object colors and Image Props should translate over.

    Q: Do all the lighting objects export directly from Vectorworks to C4D

    A: Yes, all lights should export directly, as well as retaining their On/Off state.

    Q: WIll my current view be preserved?

    A: Yes, the view in Vectorworks should be directly transferred to your view in Cinema4D.

    Q: If I alter the texture or color of a 3D object in Vectorworks, then merge to an existing scene Cinema4D, will the material be updated? 
    A: No, however the texture or color will be exported to Cinema4D and can be applied there. This is done to preserve changes you may already have made in Cinema4D. 

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