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  • Different ways to organize column data in a worksheet


    There are three different functions to manipulate data in a column:
    -         You can summarize items in a column
    -         You can sort items in a column by descending order


    Notice the three gray icons to the right of the down arrow located right above row 1:



    To activate these icons you must select one of the database rows at the far left of the worksheet. Once these icons are available, click and drag the icon to the desired column header. Notice that the descending icon has been dragged to the A column and the ID numbers have been sorted accordingly.




    Note: Up to three sort icons and three summarize icons can be placed in the columns of a database row.

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    This doesn't work in VW 2016 on a Mac. Even if it did, it's a very odd way to design a sort command. Why not just select what you want to sort, select "sort" from the edit menu, and select the column criteria for the sort. All this icon dragging is not intuitive. Oh, and did I mention that it doesn't work? The icons are always grayed out and do not drag anywhere.

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    You need to first click on a row header (In the above example it would be 2 or 2.1 or 2.2…).  That tells the work sheet which database you want to sort ( you can have many databases in one worksheet).


    Once a row header is selected you drag the sort or sum icon to the column you want to sort or sum.


    I agree, it is a nonintuitive UI.  


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