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    Creating a Template


    Would you like to save a drawing file as a template to use it as a foundation for creating other files? A template file is especially useful when you have common drawing elements, including resources, layers, and classes that will be used repeatedly in future projects. To create a template file, set up the classes and layers (even sheet layers and viewports) as you would for most projects.

    Once all the information, title block, symbols, classes, layers, and anything else you want has been added, select File > Save as Template.




    Save the file in the Vectorworks > Libraries > Defaults > Templates folder.






    Once the file is saved, the next time you open Vectorworks, rather than creating a new project from a new blank document, simply select File > New. Select “Use document template” and then select the template file name in the drop-down list.


    If you want to use the same template as an office standard so multiple people will use the same template file, either copy the template file to everyone’s template folder, or store the file on the server. If the file is stored on the server, create a shortcut to the file. Place the shortcut in everyone’s Vectorworks > Libraries > Defaults > Templates folder.



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