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  • Connect Hog 3/4 to Vision 2.3 PC & Vision 4 MAC via Artnet

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    To run Artnet on the Hog 3/4 Console you will need to have a DP 8000 (internal or external).

    This discussion is valid for the following configurations:

    Hog 3/4 Console to Vision 2.3 PC via Artnet
    Hog 3/4 Console to Vision 4 MAC via Artnet

    You will need to physically connect the Hog 3/4 Console to the DP 8000 (if external) using a crossover cable or via a hub. Plug the DP 8000 into the console using the Hog-Net connection.

    The Artnet output will come from the DP 8000 out of the Fixture connection. This should be connected to the Vision machine in order for Vision to be able to "hear" the Artnet.


    Step 1: Launching a new show or Launching an existing show.


    Step 2: After the show launches, press the setup button followed by the Network button


    Step 3a: The network properties will open up on the Secondary screen on the Hog 3/4, Scroll down untill you can see the DMX Processor with the DP 8000. Once it is selected, push the settings button. If you do not see the DP 8000, consult your Hog 3/4 Manual regarding proper network configuration for the console/DP 8000 communication.


    Step 3b. You may have to configure the physical DP 8000 device to set the IP address of the Artnet Broadcast. To access this screen on the DP 8000, Click on Netork/Fixture/FixtureLinkConifg. If the Artnet Network is hooked to a network capable of DHCP, the click the checkbox. Otherwise, assign the Artnet IP address that you want to use (such as 

    Step 4: Push the Art-Net Outputs tab on the left. Under the broadcast, it should default to the IP address that the DP 8000. Double check to make sure that under Subnet, the first line reads "0", "0". The second line should read "0", "1". And this will continue down the line.



    Step 5: Launch Vision 2.3 PC, Click on the DMX Provider. After doing so select Artnet as your provider. Note: If you are launching Vision 4 MAC, the only DMX provider at this time is Artnet.



    NOTE: The Vision PC or Vision MAC computer can have any IP address EXCEPT 2.x.x.1, which is reserved for Artnet.

    At this point, you should have control of Vision 2.3 PC from the Hog 3/4.

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