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  • Calculating Area of Spaces in Worksheets

    PVA - Jim

    When you are normally looking to calculate the area of an object, you can use the Area function (=area()). This will give you the area (Length x width) in the basic drawing unit of your document. So if the document in is inches, and you have a 10’ x10’ square, the worksheet will return 14400 or 14,400 Sq Inches. If you would like square feet, simply divide by 144 (12”x12”) to get 100 Sq Ft.


    Now this works for simple objects, but the space object is different, and you must use a different function.  The correct Space area function is: =('Space'.'11_Gross Area'). You can also get this from the Criteria wizard.  


    Click the small down arrow in the upper left side of the worksheet window. Then click Paste Criteria, and select the following values.


    Other popular functions:

    • Space Number
      • =('Space'.'11_Number')
    • Space Name
      • =('Space'.'11_Name')
    • Proposed Area for Space (Value entered by user)
      • =('Space'.'11_Proposed Area')

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